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No go food before a run

Dear runners,

this is only a short advice concerning food before a run. Never ever eat surimi sticks before a run! Even if you have them two or three hours before your run. I made this mistake yesterday and, well, I didn't get sick but it was not a nice experience at all....

Feel free to add your absolute no go food before a run as this knowledge may benefit all of us.

A colleague of mine says that carrots are also a bad idea...

Happy running (without any food issues)!

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Oh, I forgot to mention that sparkling water is also a very bad idea before a run... at least for me.


It's very much a personal thing and you need to learn what works for you. I've had a horrible dodgy stomach all week and it has made some of my runs very uncomfortable. A friend suggested it was the meal replacement bars I've been eating (they were really, really cheap on the Approved Foods website!) - I finished the last one on Friday and feel much better today so she may have a point.


I know I must avoid Hovis soft wholemeal bread... I ran Parkrun with my daughter after having some for a late lunch & as a snack with veg soup on night shift Friday night; suffered nasty stomach pains during the Parkrun; had to rush to get home, then many trips to the loo later was glad when the daughters firework party was over! Stomach was really bloated & painful. At least we got Jenny her pb, & two minutes under her target time of 50 minutes :-)

I didn't eat today until after 3pm (when I had finished fixing their washing machine, while they were out for dinner - I was invited but gave it a miss!) :-(


Half a banana is all I can cope with....


I'm a morning runner, and all I can 'cope with' is a drink and a banana an hour before.

One word of advcice ~ don't eat dripping on toast before running ~ it's not nice!!


I turned from a morning runner (without anything before going out) to a "the time of day doesn't matter"-runner. I did one of my best runs about 40 minutes after a huge plate of pasta ;)

But this surimi stick experience... I've never tried them before and had no idea that they would be so clinging.

Dripping on toast... oh, I can imagine the effect on a run :D


Haven't experience a no goer on the food front other than I need to have something just before I set off. Optimal running time is midday at present , otherwise it's severely sub zero (on another subject is it even safe to run at 10 below?).

My snack of choice is a Wagon Wheel - not what our healthy diet conscious friends would recommend I'm sure but it works for me !


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