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Wk5 R3 fail

So for the first time in the programme I failed a run. Just couldn't finish it. Got to 18 minutes but my shins were just screaming at me. So what do I do? Do I pause the programme until I've completed it or just go straight on to wk 6?

I've had some niggling problems with my abductor muscles on the inside of my thighs, but stretching seems to be helping. It's the front on my thighs which really feel it after this run.

I reckon I can do it but I'm feeling pretty crappy right now.

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When I did it, I ended up slowing to a walk for about 30 secs after about 17 mins. Then instead of feeling happy I had for run the longest yet, I was beating myself up about not doing the full 20 mins non stop. In the end I repeated it, with no walk, and then moved on. But I knew that I would just feel (stupidly) disappointed in myself otherwise.

You have to think of it this way, you ran 18 mins. That's great, and I bet you couldn't do that in week 1.

Either repeat and then move on, if you need to know you can do it, or just think of how well you did do, and move on to week 6 now.


OOopss... we don't f*** on here.. we have setbacks, blips.... issues but never f*** :)

Only you know whether you want to repeat the run...

If it was me.. I would, and I would really slow down and take it as steadily as I could:) But, I am the kind of person, as are many of us, who add a bit on if we have to wait to cross a road, or wait for a train to pass :) It has to be done to our personal satisfaction :)

So.... I feel.. slow down... a lot... it can really make a difference... try to land lightly and gently...

Don't beat yourself up about this.. runs like this happen... and then, we get the really great runs too.. :) You can do it and you will do it... just decide what you feel is best for you to give you the right feelings for moving onto the next week :)

" Never let a small setback, ruin a great future " :)


Don't feel grumpy about it. Treat it as a practice run. I failed a few and I remember clearly how I felt when I failed the first one - I was pretty down. Many people told me to treat it as a practice run and have a go at the same one again next time. Next time i still couldn't finish it, but you know what? The third time I smashed it. I felt even happier after that run than any run previously because I knew how hard I'd worked for it and the sense of achievement was immense. Don't feel crappy about it, lots of people fail a run at some point, but you WILL manage it at some point I promise. Good luck for next time - take it easy and see how you get on - you're doing great!


Yes, I concur with GG. You didn't fail to run 20 minutes. You ran for 18 minutes and that's pretty damn impressive shizzle riight there.

Have a couple of rest days and see how you feel. If it bugs you and you see it as unfinished business then by all means have another crack at it, but otherwise press on with W6. It wasn't your stamina that was the issue, after all.

As regards shins and quads etc, aside from not being able to resist making a pun about your abductor muscles running away with you, are you doing any strengthening exercises? Squats and lunges are your friend (except when you are doing them, at which time they are your mortal enemy) and something to build a lifelong habit of doing every day.

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From where I sit (just about to start week5), an 18 min run seems like a success to me. And just a practise run for completing week5 🙂

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You're fine. You're totally fine. That's the first run I had to repeat as well. I'd take an extra rest day, consider picking a new route and out you go. You'll do just fine.


Don't let it knock you. Making the attempt is all that really matters. Keep making the attempt, until you do it. There is no time limit!


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