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Week 1 Run 2 Day

So I kind of piggy-backed on somebody else's W1R1 post for my own on Monday - just happened to log on (needed to download the podcast episode!) around the same sort of time as the other person. My run on Monday night wasn't too bad - did skip a couple of the runs and did have a sit down half way through though.

Yesterday, however - rest day - I was feeling the strain. Not that I'm looking for an excuse not to run, but even today my upper leg muscles are aching and it's sore when I walk (just walked to and from the railway station to get to work). Added to that the fact that I didn't really sleep last night; when I finish work this afternoon, I may feel different, but right now I don't think I could manage to run this evening!

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... and that's ok! If you need to, start at week 0.5 rather than week 1. I know lots of people who found week1 too much, so started with the same intervals but only running for 30 secs then moved up to 45 secs before 'officially' doing week 1, so if you managed it, you are already ahead of the curve for a lot of people :). If you need to take an extra rest day, take it - but make sure you go out the next day! If you are anything like I was, it's quite a shock to the system when you start, but you will soon adapt. Just remember, small steps and go slow! :)


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