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Week 2 done 😊

Seems to have gone fairly quickly, largely because I took 2 weeks to manage week 1, I think! 😂

For the first time today, just as I was finishing I got a stitch. Not something I usually suffer with, and haven't throughout the programme today. I just put it down to having had a fairly crappy day (little sleep, busy, etc...)

Week 3 looks like a big jump up. Double the run time! 😱😱😱

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You'll be fine, I think we all thought 'how can I manage that' each week when it seems such a large jump but we did it and you will too, slow and steady 😊 I never got stitch during the whole programme but presume that's because I ran first thing in the morning before breakfast. I had lots of other aches and pains though!


I think i got my first stitches of the program during week 3 and some more on week 5. I think during week 4 Laura gives advise on how to deal with stitches.


I've just completed week 2 tonight also. Middle Run was awful, was dreading today's hence why I went out so late ( putting it off) and it was the best yet. Onwards and upwards to week 3!


Thanks all. I'm definitely doing it slow and steady - sometimes I'm almost like a dressage pony doing piaffe!


Haha, hilarious description but I know exactly what you mean 😂


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