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week 9 cream crackered update . just a funny thought

saw a picture quote about marathon distance and i tweaked it for my own experiences on c25k. i found it bloody hard going , but as the weeks have gone by it has stretched me , both physically and mentally and i find im really in a good place

week 1, 1 minute runs ,i thought i was dead

week 4, 5 minute runs , i wished i was dead

week 7, 25 minute runs i knew i was dead

week 9 30 minute runs , i realised i had become too tough to kill .

pmsl done r2 last nite and really fighting already to keep today as a rest day

forgive the plaigerism but i liked it when i read it concerning a marathon runner

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Have your rest day and be ready for the BIg One 🙂 Pom Poms at the ready

Too tough to kill! Hold that thought. You might need it in times to come 😃💪

Hydrate well today, eat good healthy grub, get some quality sleep tonight. We dive at dawn! Awooga awooga 😁


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