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Graduation + 1 week. Any sign of a badge?

Ok, so that's a week gone in since finishing C25K. Today I managed to run all the way to home after the warm up walk. Which meant running for an extra 2 minutes recording my PB for this route since graduating. Don't worry I did do my cool down walk. Did an extra circuit round the block but not counting it in my total walk/run time.

I have also managed to shed just over a stone in weight since starting C25K. We have both been dieting, following the 2 day diet as it appeared in the Daily Mail in February. I have actually lost a bit more than that as we started the diet a month before I began the running.

As it is now a week since finishing and not seeing a nice green badge anywhere yet I will have to get on to the nice folks at Healthunlocked again. I have messaged Admin twice used feedback button and now i will try the other suggestion of emailing via help.

So if you see a nice green badge by my name please let me know.

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Can you tell me how you do this - I mean, how to apply for a graduation badge?


ok - first big congratulations on your achievements- amazing and wonderful. :-)

on the badge front i was fair hopping mad not to get my badge after two days - but go up to help _ above right and email from there - seemed to do the trick - but clearly monday now.

really well done .xx


I graduated on Thursday evening and emailed the admins to ask for my shiny green badge, I haven't got it yet but I'll was until Tuesday before I ask them again.


I'd try again as I had my graduate badge within a few hours after using the green feedback button. in fact it probably took me longer to find that feedback button than to get my badge!


I think I waited 4 or 5 days, having submitted my first claim within minutes of my Friday graduation run! I messaged both the people who feature on my contact list and eventually found the feedback button too .... Suspect they might just be un-manned sometimes especially as we approach the holiday season. :( Totally understand your disappointment and frustration, but just know that we all admire your success and completion of the programme - cos we've been there, done that! Belated congratulations on your C25K and extra smiles and winks for your weight loss! I started the 5:2 eating after my graduation (assume this is similar to your diet?) and am only just beginning to see a few ounces slipping away. Planning to continue both diet and running as I feel do much more alive and lively and fit on both! Good luck to you - and hope you will soon get your well-deserved badge ;)

Cheers, Linda x


I read somewhere recently that the Feedback button has been replaced by the Help button. You just need to send an email to the Help button and you should get your badge:)


I managed to find the Feedback button by clicking on "My Communities", that's what I ended up using to get my badge :)


I'm sorry to hear that you haven't got your badge yet, but thought you'd want to know that I'm in the same situation. I emailed on Wednesday and again yesterday but still no badge. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a badge tomorrow!


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