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Week 9 R 1 cream crackered update

On the home stretch now , only 2 more to complete and ive bloody done it , sheeesh who would have thought it ? Certainly not me . I get in last night and not really in the mood to run a bath let alone 3k . Once i got going , i get into it and i get run done . What i wasnt ready for was the end of run result , not sure what the expectation really was but wasnt ready to see that with 30 min jog i only covered 3.2k . I was covering 3.6 k+ on the 25 min runs , but i was knackered after those as had to really dig in . With last nights run to be fair i wasnt knackered and actually felt quite comfortable at end and my wahoo fitness app showed that not once did i go into the red zone and for 10 min i was actually in the aerobic zone and the rest was in the low anaerobic zone . This morning legs not stiff as usual . So either wks 7 & 8 i was still going to fast or 1st wk 9 run was too slow ....YOU KNOW WHAT ? I DONT CARE LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣 WILL TAKE IT ANY WAY I CAN GET IT

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Just do the thirty minutes...Run 2 and run 3... that is all it takes.. distance, speed... they can follow on... :)

You are doing fine and the badge is being polished as we speak :)


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