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Getting there...slowly...very slowly

Today I completed w7r2 and it feels like the end of the programme is in sight. Personally, I can't quite believe it!! I'm still jogging at tortoise level though and I need some advice. I have signed up to do a 5k run (or should that be "run"?) on the 4th June. That eaves me just over a month to complete and consolidate my c25k plan. Currently I am managing 25 minutes and hopefully by next week I'll be doing 30 minutes, but here's the thing. I am going sooooooo slowly! I am nowhere near doing 5k yet, probably only about half that distance. How on earth do I get to 5k? Should I just plod on and when I do the Women's Running Race on the 4th just accept that I'll still be tortoising around the course when everyone else is at the pub?

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Don't worry, plenty of people won't even have put any trainers on before the big day if it's a fun run /fundraising type of "race". You're very unlikely to be last. And even if you are, does it actually matter in the whole scheme of things?

Get to the end of the programme, then spend a couple of weeks consolidating your running for 30 minutes non-stop (yay!) then you can try extending your run by a few minutes (or something like 0.5km) each week. You'll be surprised that you'll be getting close to running the full 5k.

It depends what your aim is really though - do you want to get round or get round without stopping? There's absolutely no shame in taking walking breaks if you need to.

Stick around on here and you'll get plenty of advice if you keep asking nearer the big day. In the meantime, enjoy the last 7 runs of the programme!


Just finish the programme, steady and slow, and do the run in your own time :)

Loads of folk never achieve the 5K... it is about running, and you will be able to run for thirty minutes, however slowly you go... so chin up, one step at a time and you will do it :)

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Let me tell you that I have absolutely no reason (excuse etc ) to be doing it, but I do the 5K Parkrun now on Saturdays when I can make it. I really really really want to run all the way, but frankly for now there's no chance, running tortoises lap me, people with dogs and buggies overtake me looking awfully fresh. What I do is my current C25K session (next week it will be W4) at the beginning of the 5K and walk the rest of the way. This last Saturday I was third from last, BUT I did a personal best (PB) and was cheered across the line by people who had finished in "silly times" like 19 minutes ... they had waited until the very last people like me crossed the line. Don't even consider not doing it - I thought my first Parkrun would be really scary, it wasn't scary at all, and 4 weeks ago was my very first "run" since I was at school nearly 60 years ago. SO ...allegrachick ... to coin a phrase from a super-fit marathon running lady friend of mine (aimed squarely at me because she thought I'd "wimp out") : "DON'T YOU DARE NOT DO IT ... you'll never forgive yourself if you do!" OTT, I know, but you get the message, I did listen which is why I've started with those Parkruns. OVERJOYED that I have started Parkruns, it's the first bit that makes me think I might eventually get to enjoy this running stuff. Have FUN!


This is such a terrific reply! I'm really inspired by what you've said and am about to sign up for a local Parkrun. My daughter-in-law (young, slim, super-fit) will come with me for support, encouragement or emergency first aid, haha! I'll let you know how I get on!


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