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w8 r1, NAILED IT. awwww am I a runner now? <3

This week I did four runs.

w7r1 at 02:06 in the middle of the night, I felt the urge to run. Great, I still continue listening to the podcasts but not sticking to them. Anyway, 33 mins at 9.4 km/h, 5.1k.

w7r2 at 19:30, it was my running day but I realised I am a night owl in running too. Sooo, even though I didn't really enjoy running with/by other people, I did it. It was a bit warm and felt uncomfortable, I ran for 28 mins at 9 km/h and left it there.

w7r3 at 16:15, I am not sure what was wrong - did I have a full stomach, was I dressed too tight, too heavy for the weather, were there too many tourists again everywhere... I simply did not want to run even for ten minutes. Not because I was out of breath, not because my legs hurt. I still don't know why. I pushed myself to do at least 25 (usual w7), but then I also thought, if you really don't wanna do it, leave it for another day. So after 17 mins, I ran for another 3 mins and stopped. The way back to home in two hours, I gave it another try, ran for 11 mins, walked 3, ran 4, and I said, fine. That's it. In total I hit 35 mins and 5.2k, but that was not the goal.

w8r1 today at 03:30 (yeah, again nighty nighty night), I wanted to run in a park where I used to look at people running and think that I can never do that. I ran in the park and went on running back home. 5.3k, 32mins at 9.8 km/h (but some parts were slope down, just about 200m up hill).

After my first 8 mins run a couple of weeks ago, I remember how my legs trembled. Now after 32 mins, I feel completely fine to such a degree that I forgot to stretch right away. (Then I remembered and did.) Perhaps this is what Laura said about speeding up if I feel good. Maybe next time. For now I am happy to run the 5k.

Four runs left. I am one proud little runner. Am I really a runner? Am I? (smiling for no reason)

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You're a runner. Totally. You're doing 5k in around 30 mins so nobody could disagree. Well done.

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