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Knee frustration in week 8

On my 8 week, 28 min run my right knee had been a bit painful with a sharpish pain on the kneecap so I took it steady and ran on grass. A few twinges at the start but it felt better the rest of the day than it did before the run so I was really pleased.

However, that night when I did the NHS knee strengthening exercises that I had started the day before ( my other knee made crackling sounds as I bent it and felt a little bit tender (it had been more or less fine).

I did the exercises again the next day and it hurt a little more.

So I'm looking for tips on what to do, it looks like those exercises are causing pain in my left knee now - should I stop them and take the running back a stage? Or do I need to do them more gently to strengthen?

I'm using ice and ibuprofen today and considering a shorter run on grass tomorrow - should I?

I've reached the addicted stage, and want to give this the best chance 😀

Thanks everyone

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If you were running without knee problems, and then you started the knee exercises and had knee problems, I would stop the knee exercises and run again to see if you still have pain in your knee. If you do, go and get it checked out. I know you're enjoying running, but we only have two knees and we need them (sorry!) too much to risk them. Hopefully there's nothing wrong.

Knees and joints do crack. If in doubt, though, get them checked out.


Thanks for you reply - I'm really sorry I haven't responded sooner, it's been a crazy week and I missed the email notification

I've switched to doing 20min runs on grass and have spoken to a couple of friends who are experienced runners about technique. I've been concentrating on keeping my weight in the front of my feet, landing as lightly as possible and keeping my hips and knees pointing forwards at all times. I can feel this is so much gentler (though harder on my calves!)

It feels so much better and the pain has all but got (just a bit of ache going up and down stairs when I first wake up)

I've also found out that the Uni I'm studying at does sports physio appointments near me so if it ever gets worse again or stops getting better I'll be straight there.

Still crunching but hopefully that'll settle too if I stay at 20 mins or build very, very slowly.

Thanks again, I'm feeling s lot more positive now and really enjoying reading all the posts here before my next run this morning 😊

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