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Starting again!

Hi! I completed C25K on New Year's Eve 2016 when I did my first Park Run. About 6 weeks ago I let my new healthy routine slide when the top of my foot started hurting when I run. The most annoying thing is that it feels fine when walking! After trying everything to make it better (new trainers, lacing them differently, getting it checked at the dr's, thinner socks,) I've decided enough is enough and I just need to start doing stuff again. So, this morning I downloaded the app again and started from day 1. It quickly became​ apparent that I've not slumped back that far but I needed to interspersed periods of running with walking to make it easier to deal with my foot. It doesn't feel as bad as it did but still isn't up to a non-stop 5k! Look forward to following all your posts 😀. Andi x

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Welcome back Andi and how reassuring that you haven't lost too much fitness in your absence.

What did the doctor diagnose? Perhaps there's just something hitting the upper part of your foot from your runnng shoes? Try massaging your foot and trying to ease out any tightness. Hope it feels better soon.

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