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Week 7 complete, again making new experiences

Hello, I have a a grin on my face, I completed week 7 yesterday.

While I am getting more and more used to this running thing, I also enjoy all the new experiences I am making on my journey through C25K:

> The running part has become much easier. At the end of all three runs this week I had the impression that I could go on. Makes me feel good and realise the progress I already made in only 7 weeks.

> I am also proud of myself, because the weather was miserable this week and I would have been so easy to find excuses not to run. Nevertheless I toke advantage of my stubbornness to force myself out of the house. Didn't regret it at all after the runs; good to see that the mind can be strong.

> Yesterday I decided to run without Laura nor any other music. This was driven by two things. Firstly, while I enjoyed the podcast's music in the first weeks, I am slowly getting sick of the repetition of always the same music. And secondly I also wanted to try to run without music to hear myself running (how is my breathing, how loud is my stamping). This was quite an unexpected experience in respect of how different it felt mentally. Being totally in charge, running because I want and not because the podcast is playing was challenging at first but then increasingly liberating.

Overall a very good week. Now I have a two rest days scheduled before I start into week 8 on Monday.

All the best to all of you, keep on running!

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It all sounds very good...and positive too. Just make sure for the last couple of weeks, you keep it slow and steady...


Well, that all sounds good to me. You have it all going on

Take care and have fun 😃


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