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Run 2 completed

I would like to thank everyone for the advice I received in response to my first post.

I have taken (or tried to) some of the advice on board, I've invested in a decent pair of running shoes, and I am going to take it slowly and ice my knee after every run, regardless of the level of discomfort.

I have now completed day 2 and can honestly say I'm looking forward to Friday evening, and with a like minded community around me (well, online) failure is not an option.

Thanks again for the advice guys and gals, you rock ☺

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Hi Burrows79 , well done btw.

I too completed W1R2 today and am still in!

Have third run pencilled in for Friday.

We can do this😀😀😀😀


I'm out at around 5.30 Friday evening for w1r3, I'll let you know how I get on and hopefully we'll finish c25k at around the same time.

Good luck and see you at the finish line 😊


Yes, it's you, me and TiredOldMan in the "Winning at Week One" team. Still can't believe that at end of June I should be able to run for 30 mins😱


I can't believe it either at the minute, but it's tried and tested and as long as we keep going we'll get there, it may be that I repeat a week somewhere along the line but as long as I keep putting my running shoes on it know I'll get there


There may be times when you feel failure IS the option - but that's just the Gremlins. :)

We all have days (and always will) that we just don't finish a Run for reasons across the continuum from injury to temporary "sod it, I just don't want to do this today! "

Slow and steady, one foot in front of the other and just keeping on going out the door and I bet I see you at the Graduates table sooner than you think :)

Glad you have decided to keep running with us :)


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