Run tracking apps?

I have an iPhone 5s, any recommendations? How do I set my phone up? Music on, c25k app going then the tracker? Do you use the tracker on the warm ups and cool down bits or set it off when you start running? Do people find them accurate and useful? I'm happy to pay for a good one if needed but would prefer a free one to start to see how I get on.

Sorry so many questions!


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  • I use RunKeeper (free, don't see the point in paying for it!), and have also used MapMyRun. Both allow you to play your own music, can give timings etc. Personally I set mine going as I start my warm-up and stop it after cool-down, cos I just can't be bothered to faff with it once I've started.

  • I have started using Strava, it's free and you can play music and listen to C25K at the same time! I like it, it tracks your distance, route, time and pace and I'm sure a lot more but I've only just got into running. Hope that helps ūüėä

  • I have only started this programme this week and been using strava, the free version.

    I include all the warm ups etc and it's useful from the point of view that it does tell me how far I've actually walked/run and if you do the same route again, tells you if you have improved.

  • To be brutally honest I would with hindsight, say that it is better to do the programme without using any trackers at all. It is fascinating to see how far you have gone, at what pace etc and quickly becomes quite addictve - seeing how you have improved

    ... but therein lies the danger: while you are doing the programme you really don't need to be thinking about distace or speed or pace or anything other than following the intervals as prescribed by Laura. One of the ost common problems of all on here is people worrying about whether they are going fast enough, or going too fast and having breathing problems or feeling they are failing because they are not doing the same distance as A.N.Other, or they are slower than the previous week etc etc. It is huan nature when the data is available, and I confess I was no different when I did the programme, and indeed, even knowing that I shouldn't, I still compare my stats with other people's in teh activities I do, and feel disheartened if I dont measure up.

    But anway back to the question: Endomondo is my app of choice these days. In terms of accuracy and so on, I think they are all pretty similar. it just comes down to individual preference for the interface etc.

  • Thanks for the advice! I could honestly see myself doing that getting so wrapped up in the numbers. Right now I just need to focus on running for the times needed. I'm definitely going to wait til I graduate (and I will!) before downloading one.

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