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Would like to thank everyone here for their help and support throughout this journey .

Not sure which direction the next part of the journey will follow as there are several Apps and programs for the next step which will be 10K .

I am still amazed that in December last i was 63 years old and 17.5 stone and not run since i was in school .

i decided i need a life change and followed "Marisa Peers " program to loose weight ( not to the letter but quite close) and also cut back on the alcohol.

Then a few weeks ago started the C25K which to be honest did not expect to finish but thought i have to start some where .

And here i am today 64 finished C25K and under 13.5 stone

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Inspirational! Well done, 2Fit2Sit.


Go you 🏃🏃🏃 Brilliant achievements.


Yay! Just keep going! ☺ giving up alcohol means far fewer empty calories which you then have to spend on good quality grub 😊

Keeeeeeeeep moving! ☺


Well done and I love the new name!!


What an amazing story !

Well done , you are an inspiration :-) xxx


You have done brilliantly well 👍🏼🏃🏻


Congratulations on graduating. Your new name is perfect.😊


Happy running.


Enjoy your post-graduation runs, there is a lot to explore. And you new name is so appropriate - well done!


Brilliant! I hope your post is read by those thinking of starting, or just starting out, and who are filled with self-doubt. You are an inspiration.


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