06.39 is HU time

The daily update from HU pings to me when I am in the woods with my dog each morning and sets me up for a good read over breakfast... a great start to each day. It is a really inspiring forum and I love the way that one post will be from someone excited that they have just graduated and the next will be from someone equally excited that they have just done W1R1.....

like everyone is on the same train journey, perhaps stopping at different stations and perhaps branching off for different eventual destinations, but they are all travelling on the train!

My journey so far....

December 2013 weight 17 stone 6lbs start diet and no more alcohol!

Feb 2014 start C25K

April 2014 Graduate C25K

April 2014 1st Parkrun Newbury 29.05

May 2014 1st 10K Shinfield 56.57

June 2014 started Pilates to try and tone up some of the flabby bits

July 2014 weight 11 stone 12 lbs - Target reached (red wine to celebrate!)

July 2014 PB 10K Tadley 50.30

July 2014 PB Parkrun Newbury 24.29

Next up..... booked for a couple of 10K runs and booked a place in Half Marathon at Blenheim Palace in October!

Loving it all just now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy running.


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34 Replies

  • Inspiring stuff! Very well done :)

  • Cheers m'dear....

  • Well done!!!

  • Thanks Bonnie

  • Cheers...this forum is so supportive

  • Amazing journey...bet you feel like a new man!

    Many congratulations on getting there.

  • Yeah.... New wardrobe certainly!

  • Wow ! You should be very very proud of yourself , that is an amazing turnaround, and its all down to hard work and determination. Many best wishes to you on your future running adventures, you really are an inspiration, Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug.... It's nice to do something you never thought you could do...loads on here seem to be too

  • Well done

  • Cheers!

  • That is an amazing achievement in six months! What an incredible story! Good luck with all your future running adventures please keep us posted with them. Happy running

  • Thanks.... Got to keep it all going now, which could be hard...but we will see!

  • I agree, it's the variety of people at different stages of their running being brought together in a great forum.

    Your story is quite impressive over a relatively short time scale. Well done :)

  • Yes, all striving to improve themselves, in one way or another....a common mindset

  • Such an inspiring story, gives me hope that I will actually succeed. A huge well done from me :)

  • Such an inspiring story, gives me hope that I will actually succeed. A huge well done from me :)

  • Thanks teabreaks..... I am sure you will succeed.... The way the programme builds in small steps really helped me to get through.. Will keep an eye out

  • Blimey! You powered through that lot, well done!

  • Yeah... It does seem like that to me.... I guess it will slow down a bit from now, but whatever...

  • Wonderful achievements and you sum up the spirit of c25k so well.

  • Thanks notbad... It is good to read about so many people being positive about things and trying to improve their lives... We normally just hear about the cr**py side of life

  • Great achievements and fantastic times. I'm with you I love this forum everyday there is so much inspiration on the forum. Happy running

  • Thanks... You should bottle the "HU C25K feel good juice" .....It would make a fortune and there would be a lot more smiley people out there!

  • Wow, what a journey, such a great read.....I think you need to be on the C25K poster.....very inspiring, thank you for sharing with all of us.

  • Hee...what a scary thought Amber...

  • My goodness, huge weight loss and amazing improvement in your times !! You must be fit as a flea now. Very well done.

  • Family were ready to send me to the knackers yard... So had to act quick ;)

  • I agree with you that the timing of that first email is really good - many a time I have wanted to sink back into my pillows but I read a few success story posts and I want to be part of the gang and find myself tying on my running shoes! Your track record is amazing! Congratulations on your success which has rewarded your will power. I hope I will one day share that sort of success

  • Thanks... I have found that small successes seem to build and then you get more confident and then it builds again

  • What an amazing story. I salute you sir!

  • Cheers hope....

  • Just wanted to add my congratulations, your story is truly inspirational. Well done and keep posting :)

  • Thanks, kind words

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