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Back to the start 8(

I got to week 7 on my last attempt, but then I had a relapse. I was unable to run as my left leg went "missing". So now that I feel fit again (as fit as I will be) am starting up again. After a month(ish) of no exercise I figure it's best to start afresh, as starting from where I had finished would fill me with dismay when I fail to do it. So here goes..."Wk1 R1 - The Running Games".

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Welcome back! If all goes well, you could consider doing just one run of the early weeks (when they are the same run) and see how you get on. I bet you've retained more fitness than you think! I know what you mean about not wanting to f- f- f- nope, sorry, can't type it! You do know the word is banned on this forum, don't you? We never fail! We can have practice runs, or runs that aren't quite as good as we hoped, or runs that didn't go as we expected, but the thing is, as long as you are out there putting one foot in front of the other, it is a run. It counts. Good luck - come back and tell us all about it :)

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Well my first run was far better that it was originally (I feel it was anyway). Faster on the runs, and not as breathless on the recovery walk.

I have decided to stick with WK1 to see how my legs feel after the week, also am taking 2 days between runs rather than the 1 day originally.

I am not letting MS define me, or defeat me 8)


That's the spirit! Congrats on getting going again. All the best.

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