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Hello. Any C25k'ers out there that do their runs in the morning?

I've just done week 4 run 1and wondered what do people eat in the morning prior to running and how much time between eating and running?

I tend to wake up, have a coffee with milk (like a latte) and try to get out but i wonder whether fruit or cereal may be a good idea for more energy?


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11 Replies

  • i do mine in morning , have just done week 4 but am going to redo it outside , i just have water then go run then have brekkie afterwards not sure i could run on a brew n brekkie so this works for me , dont know if i will need food befre i go out on the longer runs but am gonna play it by ear

  • I normally don't run in the morning, except when the heat of summer (I'm in Greece) makes it impossible to run otherwise. I drag myself out of bed before sun-up, have a swig of water and 2 or 3 bites of banana, and go. Finish the banana when I get back, more water, watch the sun rise, read for half an hour and go back to sleep. :-)

  • I've not done many morning runs, but if I plan to then I make sure I have a good dinner and plenty water the night before. I have a few sips of water before the run, then a coffee and breakfast after.

    I normally run after work and have been having a good hearty breakfast (around 9) and then a banana/boiled eggs/small salad for lunch. And plenty water through the day.

  • Fasted is the best way to run in the morning, particularly if fat loss is part of your motivation, for anything up to an hour or so's running.

  • I run on an empty stomach (maybe some water) and have no adverse effects. Breakfast is afterwards. I even ran 15 k on Sunday on an empty stomach, though I did eat a banana at 10.5 k. Don't know whether I really needed it though, I just thought if i was running so far I might need something, and then once I had it with me I might aswell eat it!

  • While I was doing C25K I did most of the runs mid-morning, a couple of hours after breakfast. Since graduating earlier this month all of my runs have been pre-breakfast, perhaps having some water or a banana if I'm 'worried' about dehydration or hunger. I'm working on keeping on running regularly rather than increasing distance, speed or stamina, so it helps not to have the delaying tactic of 'Must eat/ drink/ digest' before heading out the door!

  • Hi neptune, I try start my runs about 6.45 so I get up just after 6.00, wander downstairs and eat a banana and pour a glass of water which I then sip as I get dressed and sort myself out. I try not to rush about.

    I run at that time not because I'm an early riser, it's because there's nobody about to see me and if I leave it till later I won't have the energy!

    Then when I get back, have done my stretches and showered I have breakfast (usually fruit, toast and coffee) and read the latest posts on the forum, my reward for running! Well done for getting to W4, Happy running!

  • I don't know how anyone does it later in the day :) Tried it a couple of times and felt terrible!

    I go right out the door after waking up, I might drink a cup of water on the really hot days but that's it.

    I did my 10k like that so it really has to be a "different strokes for different folks" thing. Running after eating makes me feel totally slow and heavy...

  • You'll have to do trial and error to see what you can tolerate. I'll often have oatmeal, a piece of fruit or a boiled egg in the morning. Or evening leftovers. Nothing too fatty or I'll get sick. But I've got an iron gut when it comes to running on a full stomach so you may be different.

  • Thanks for all the replies! Sounds like out of bed and out the door is what works best.. it's what i've been doing so will stick with it!

  • Interesting post......Like several others I also prefer running on empty, seems more energizing somehow (don't understand the science!). But I am not able to run first thing in the morning due to our B&B (already up at 6.30 to prepare breakfasts) so have to plan eating depending on when I can run that day. Before my 13k race a few weeks ago I had a small bowl of instant porridge at 7am and some fruit before starting the race at 8.30. Felt a bit sick near the end of the end of the race but not sure if that was the heat. So many variables (distance, weather, water intake, pace) that I am finding it difficult to work out best strategy!

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