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Activities on rest days

Before I started C25K, I used to take a brisk 2 mile walk (15m/mile) around Wandsworth common on weekdays as a way of getting out into the fresh air, and a bit of exercise.

Now I'm running but I wanted to continue the brisk walks but probably only on rest days. Is it advisable or should I be slowing it down / avoiding it?

The last thing I want to do is knacker myself or do too much and not be able to complete the 9 weeks and graduate. I had enough trouble doing W2R1 yesterday!

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Hi mrqwest,

No reason why you can't continue your walk on rest days. This is called active resting. As long as it is just walking and you're not breaking into a jog which has more impact on the joints and is not resting the muscles and joints that you use when running.

Other things you can do include almost anything that is non-impact such as cycling, swimming, cross trainer, rowing machine and anything else in the gym except the treadmill (unless you are walking on it!). Lots of people who are injured actually do running in the pool which sounds odd, but it is a non impact way of exercising and getting aerobic fitness.

Weight machines that work the legs are great as they help to strengthen the muscles, ligaments etc which will help you when you are actually out there doing your running. Upper body work will help balance out your all over body strength.



Ha!, they'll be no threat of breaking into a jog in the park... not whilst I'm in my work shoes, jeans and a shirt although the temptation was strong today!!

Thanks for the info Carole, I'll keep it up :)


I think it's good to walk on rest days as you are gently stretching your muscles. Also as your body is already used to you doing the walks so it's only going to benefit you if you continue, as long as already mentioned you don't actually exert yourself during the walks. You will enjoy your walks more as well, I know I do


I walked my dogs 2 miles every day of the 9 week programme. I swam on the days I did not run. What I did find was that I was walking quicker as the weeks went on and I graduated 3 weeks ago. Carry on. You body is used to it and it will help. Enjoy.


I play badminton for two hours, twice a week on rest days and sometimes I swim as well, or do other stuff, I think it can only be a good thing! :)


Walks on rest days should be OK. I take my very active springer spaniel on my runs but I then have to walk him on the rest days - it's good to keep moving and it feels like a completely different type of exercise to the running. Also go walking regularly with a few mates quite regularly and wouldn't dream of giving this up.


any thoughts on a rowing machine, we have one lying idle in the conservatory, could I use that on rest days ?


Wouldn't have thought any problem with that - I assume it uses different muscles - mainly upper body? I do Pilates/keep fit every day (including running days - but it's gentle mat exercises) and I cycle quite a lot as we have lots of cycle paths where I live and it's the most convenient way of getting into town. Give the rowing machine a try and see. Just don't go too mad and, as with anything new, build up slowly. Cheers.


well we will see in am, I am getting ridiculously addicted here !


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