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My Week - New Shoes, Lightheadedness & Wobbly Crown!


So my week started well, decided to plump for a gait analysis where they confirmed what I thought - that my running shoes were really only intended for the gym. So after some time I plumped for the loveliness that is the attached photo (most expensive pair of shoes I've EVER owned!!!!) So the next day I excitedly set off in my new shoes, I felt absolutely pooped so headed home just scraping 4k, well as I made it home I came over all lightheaded.......has anyone ever experienced this? I had to lie down on the sofa for a few minutes, my dogs looked at me like I'd gone mad!!! Anyhow, after a few minutes and a big glass of water.......normality was restored. The next day my front crown came loose...........are these new shoes jinxed? Assuming my tooth gets fixed tomorrow should I risk Parkrun on Saturday after only doing that one run this week? What's the meaning of life? You know.......all those questions?!?!?!

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The light-headedness could be from low blood sugar, too much effort, or the heat if it's warm where you are. A pre-run banana might help if you can tolerate running and food. In the summer if it's really hot I take really diluted sports drinks on my runs as I tend to overheat quite easily.

And absoultely yes to Parkrun.

LDS1961 in reply to runswithdogs

Thanks, I have thought about taking some water with me, sometimes my head gets a bit flustered what with the headphones, the gps watch, the tissue for leaky eyes etc etc etc..........will definitely try though

Spitting teeth after training sessions is all part of the fun.

you may be exhausted from lugging those enormous crepe soles around.

Yes of course do Parkrun.

Can you go? is the only question. If the answer is yes, then go. Always.

LDS1961 in reply to Rignold

Ha ha, must admit the brothel creepers felt much heavier than my old comfy Nike slippers, and they didn't make me run any faster.........they should have had stripes on the side 😋


Oooh lovely shoes !

I sympathise with your teeth issue. I keep losing mine too , I think the dentist will be inviting me to their staff Christmas party this year . Ha ha :-D

Yes definitely give parkrun a go xxx

LDS1961 in reply to poppypug

Must admit I sometimes feel like my dentist should sell season tickets, I think mine would pay for itself.

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