The curious case of the giant shuttlecock in the field

So having successfully navigated my way through almost five weeks of C25K, I stretched to catch a giant shuttlecock, which was serving as a "ball" for our Easter Monday game of rounders, and completely destroyed my calf muscle. I can barely walk on it.

Anyone know roughly how long I'll be on the injury couch with this? I think it's pulled (but badly) rather than torn - but that could just be my optimism.

P.S. I caught the shuttlecock, winning the game, and am now a family hero. I imagine they are currently in the process of commissioning a statue in my honour.


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  • <Resisting childish jokes about a giant cock>

    I don't know but I'm pretty sure it will be less thanks to the work you've already put in. I was amazed how quickly my legs started to recover from the stiffness caused by running.

  • Sweet!

  • Lol

  • If you have an injury you cant walk on, go and consult a medical professional.

  • Cheers Rignold. I will see how it recovers over 48 hours and if I still have discomfort walking I promise to see a doctor.

  • I agree with Rignold - this may be one for the Doctor. I tore a calf muscle at week 8 of the programme (happened at work and a long time ago now ) but I was sadly out of action for a long time. Really hope that yours is not a tear but if it turns out that it is, you really need to make sure you have healed properly before running on it. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks Sandra. I'm convinced it's a pull. Tears normally result in a lump deep in the muscle and I can't find one. Here's hoping.

  • It could be three to four weeks though. You think they are ok, set off running and ouch they go twang again.

    i hope not in your case and it heals up dead quick. Go steady! Don't try to run on it if it you know it's not right.

  • Hope it's not that long but I will take my time. Oh dear.

  • I pulled up on an easy jog round the streets. Immediate pain, a shooting intense pain. Rested one week before Trying it on the soft trail. Pulled up again. No,better. I left it another week still no progress. I left it four weeks in the end. It was fine after that. I had a race which could have been off but by resting it completely I was able to compete.

  • If it takes 4 weeks I'll have to run walk my first ever 5k race on 3rd June. That'll be disappointing but if that's what it takes...

  • Hopefully you will be ok. Lots of us have faced this and had to walk or run/walk races. There's always another one. It is very disappointing though

    Stay positive! โ˜บ

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