The curious case of the giant shuttlecock in the field

So having successfully navigated my way through almost five weeks of C25K, I stretched to catch a giant shuttlecock, which was serving as a "ball" for our Easter Monday game of rounders, and completely destroyed my calf muscle. I can barely walk on it.

Anyone know roughly how long I'll be on the injury couch with this? I think it's pulled (but badly) rather than torn - but that could just be my optimism.

P.S. I caught the shuttlecock, winning the game, and am now a family hero. I imagine they are currently in the process of commissioning a statue in my honour.


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15 Replies

  • <Resisting childish jokes about a giant cock>

    I don't know but I'm pretty sure it will be less thanks to the work you've already put in. I was amazed how quickly my legs started to recover from the stiffness caused by running.

  • Sweet!

  • Lol

  • If you have an injury you cant walk on, go and consult a medical professional.

  • Cheers Rignold. I will see how it recovers over 48 hours and if I still have discomfort walking I promise to see a doctor.

  • I agree with Rignold - this may be one for the Doctor. I tore a calf muscle at week 8 of the programme (happened at work and a long time ago now ) but I was sadly out of action for a long time. Really hope that yours is not a tear but if it turns out that it is, you really need to make sure you have healed properly before running on it. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks Sandra. I'm convinced it's a pull. Tears normally result in a lump deep in the muscle and I can't find one. Here's hoping.

  • It could be three to four weeks though. You think they are ok, set off running and ouch they go twang again.

    i hope not in your case and it heals up dead quick. Go steady! Don't try to run on it if it you know it's not right.

  • Hope it's not that long but I will take my time. Oh dear.

  • I pulled up on an easy jog round the streets. Immediate pain, a shooting intense pain. Rested one week before Trying it on the soft trail. Pulled up again. No,better. I left it another week still no progress. I left it four weeks in the end. It was fine after that. I had a race which could have been off but by resting it completely I was able to compete.

  • If it takes 4 weeks I'll have to run walk my first ever 5k race on 3rd June. That'll be disappointing but if that's what it takes...

  • Hopefully you will be ok. Lots of us have faced this and had to walk or run/walk races. There's always another one. It is very disappointing though

    Stay positive! ☺

  • Hi All,

    I've been lurking around on the forum a lot recently. Unfortunately I still have this injury, but I am being patient and not doing any further damage. I haven't run at all. This is good for me, as I am an impatient sod normally.

    The doctor told me to give it four weeks, and that was two weeks ago. I might be going slightly crazy but it's ok. I see so many of my friends are doing more races now as the running season really takes off, but I'm going to have to play the long game.

    Hope you're all well and enjoying this nice little spell of weather.

  • Yowch! Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hello y'all,

    Tonight is the night. I have waited and I have walked and I have stretched and I have jogged tentatively to the bottom of the street and back, and I have waited some more. I have felt the pain subside, I have worked through the discomfort, I have foam rolled, I have stretched and I have waited some more. I have doctored, I have phsysio'd and I have listened to my wife (and everyone else) and I have rested.

    Tonight I will run. Very slowly and maybe not very far. I'm going to attempt a week 3 run, and see where I end up. If I can't do it, I'll try it again in two days. If it's too easy I'll try week 4. I'm fairly certain I can't do week 5 again yet.

    Thanks for all your support so far.

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