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Im curious how it builds you up to 3 miles. I am on a treadmill and using my apple watch for distance, calories etc. Right now I'm barely hitting 2 miles in the entire 30 minutes and thats adding an extra 3 minutes of running then a 5 min cool down. I run at a pace of 6 and jog at 3.5. Am i going to slow? I know I'm only on week 3 so I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be at this point.

today was Week 3 Day 1 and I ran a shorter distance and burned less calories then Week 2 Day 3...seems odd



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  • Speed is not important at this stage. The programme is designed to build stamina in order to run for 30 minutes. Don't worry about it. Concentrate on running for 30 minutes and then, if you feel like it, try and increase your pace.

    None of us are in this to challenge Mo Farah.

  • I didn't even look at time or distance til week 7. Then found I was doing about 3.5k in the 40 minutes or so I was out. My aim is just to run the times suggested by the programme, and now at the end of week 8 I am running further and faster (slightly) without thinking about it. As a walk is generally slower than a run, as the programme builds and you run more and walk less you will go further. As many posters will tell you, Coach to 5k is a misnomer - the goal is to run constantly for 30 minutes, and this will not necessarily be 5k. I did a parkrun last week and it took me 43:30 with a mixture of running and walking. One final thought - there is no such thing as too slow!

  • You are building up to running 30 minutes. How far you get doesn't matter. Go really slowly and you'll do it. Just listen to the instructions on the app or podcast.

    It's not odd. It is all in the scheme of things do trust the programme to deliver.

    If you run outside the time will pass much quicker. It flies 😃

  • People do manage to do the programme on a treadmill but I think maybe it would be best to be upfront that it isn't really designed for that, because it does mess with the whole business of finding your own sustainable pace.

    If a treadmill is your only option (we've had people in areas of serious air pollution for example, or during the winter when you are at work throughout daylight and your area is unsafe or you have caring responsibilities) then go for it... otherwise, get outside and get the Vitamin D!

  • Very few people graduate with a 30 minute 5k so please dont worry you are doing just fab 😎

  • Don't worry about pace and distance and don't let the technology get in the way of what you are trying to achieve. We are all different, so there is no firm benchmark, unless​ you want to challenge Mo Farah. I agree with GM, running outdoors will provide distraction and help you find your natural pace.

    Whatever you are doing it is better than doing nothing.

  • As above. Speed really doesn't matter. I started the programme 3 years ago. My best time for 5K so far is 40 mins - but often I'm not that good, and I don't take much notice of it. Much more exciting to me is when I run a little farther than previously. Big thank you to Jane Hall for pushing me all the way to 8K on Monday.

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