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W3R1 well that was unexpected !!!!!

morning all , just done my run , i use a treadmill so dont get to enjoy the view ( yet ) which is probably just as well because i started CRYING !!! i was ok on the first 90 run , managed the first 3 min run did 2nd 90 run and halfway through 2nd 3 minute run i got so overwhelmed i started crying , kept running but i dont know what happened , i wasnt in pain , dont get me wrong it wasnt easy but i lost all control of my emotions and i cried until cool down walk .... please tell me im not broken ! :/ ... and is that normal ??

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Yep..pretty much!

We laugh, we cry. punch the little dances... whoop and holler.. usually week 6, when Laura calls you a 'proper runner' I scared an old lady half to death by shouting, "hooray"! when that happened to me !

( Oh gosh, I'm an old lady!)

Well done you...keep it up and keep posting.. and when we get you out there... wow...just wait :) x

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lol thanks ,

glad to know im not alone in my reaction , managed second run today with no tears haha x

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I wish I had found this site 4 months ago. It would have been a great encouragement to know I was not alone. I have now finished the C25K and did all except the final run on a treadmill. I have now done a park run and have got brave enough to run on the streets. I keep breaking into smiles of elation because I cannot believe where I was before my birthday. The thought of running made me breathless. Well done secksy34 on starting and enjoy it all the way


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