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Run 2

Well my next run is tomorrow morning and trying to convince myself to avoid the wine tonight as feel it may make the morning a little less easy to do... keep thinking about how great it felt all day yesterday! Really want to do this!! Also how do people monitor the 60 sec then 90 sec thing!? Do you keep looking at your phone and adding the time up in your head!?

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Well done on completing run 1, I think it is definitely the hardest.

About monitoring times, I use the c25k app but others use the podcast. Both tell you when you should walk and when you should run.

Good luck 😄

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Thank you! I have just downloaded the app!


Good luck, I used the NHS couch to 5 k podcasts and found them brilliant 😁

As for the 🍷 , I did w9r3 with a hangover, not recommended 😉😱 drink lots of water, even without a hangover water is your friend 👍 After wine water is vital😆😉


You have the app.. so now you know :)

The wine.. well...I turned this up the other day!

But..lots of water too after the wine.. at least a pint before bed and then sips. as and when :)

Good luck... you will be fine :)


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