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Starting Again

It's been 4 years (4 years!!) since I completed C25K- I did Race for Life and then the weather turned, I changed jobs etc. So I went out again this week- first run was only 2.65k in 25 minutes (but no walking), but I was so sore afterwards- it was agony for days. So I went out again today and ran 1.7k in 12 minutes and then stopped, in the hopes of less post-run pain. I don't really want to do C25K again, I'd prefer not to walk/run. The plan is to nail a thrice weekly 2K and work up from there- running a set distance rather than for a set time. Anyone else starting over?

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I am really not much of a run-walker either - more of a lock onto a pace (slow) and keep at it sort of a person. So I do sympathise but even a quick review of your history with C25K says to me that's where you need to be looking for a safer, more sustainable route back into running. Not necessarily the full 9 week programme. There were clearly some lessons not learned first time round.

Depends why you're back of course!


Blimey, no wonder you were in agony afterwards 😫 Your poor body must have wondered what had hit it after such a long rest period.

Loads of people have started the programme again but doing it from the beginning is sensible after a long absence from running. Just remember the advice from the first time around, run very slowly, stretch after each run and take your rest days. Your body will be much happier and stronger.

BTW, welcome back and well done for starting again 🙂


Thanks for your thoughts chaps. You're maybe right but I'm not starting the program over, I just *really* don't want to (as in, I'd actually rather do nothing). I did that program at a difficult time on my life, in a job I wasn't enjoying and the kids still very young, a period I'm not looking to revisit with anything even as trivial as a training plan. So for now I'm sticking with my 2K. It took 15:40 today- it's not quick but it's something to build on :)


Hey there, Bandersnatch, I'm also just restarting after a 4 year break! However, for me a lot has happened in the meantime (EPV infection, burn out, PTSD, depression...) so that I'm in much worse shape now at 35 than at age 31... very happy to simply do C25K again and hopefully lose the 4K (as in kilos 🙄) I gained since last time. Just completed W2R1.

How have you been doing? Did you keep up your plan of doing 2K runs?


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