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Ridiculously late, sorry 😐

Really struggled today 🙁, I guess they can't be all good 😊

In fact my legs ached that much before I left I decided I'd have my first practice run🏃 The idea was I'd just do what I could and that would still be better than nothing! ......first ten minutes 🙄😨 WHY !!!!!

Ok... got through that😑

15 minutes, legs still like lead😐😤

Ok..... half way....... mini panic attack😱😰😢...... I can't do it..😯😤😶 heart rate pounding......

calm ..... stay calm......!!!!!!

Dodgy looking dog/ owner on the horizon took my mind of the run long enough for me to re-focus


Only a lifetime still to run😧 Crickey, Laura, tell me I'm nearly finished 😶

I reckon she adds a minute, her 60 seconds last for forEVER😉😂

I did by the way😉❤🌶🎉💪🏃

Good luck everyone ❤🏃💪❤🏃💪❤🌶

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Fantastic! One more to graduate 😊🎉🏃🏼‍♀️


Brilliant... you survived... despite dodgy dog owners, leaden legs , panicky palpitations and grotty gremlin time keepers :)

So close now !!!! I can see we have the party box out, and we will be getting everything ready for your Graduation party too!

So, slow and steady does it... we can hardly wait ! :)

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Well done for getting through it!! Only one more to go!!! 😆🏃🌞

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Runs like that are so horrible and difficult - but they're also very beneficial, I think, in helping us learn that we can persevere even when we don't feel like it, and help us to develop the mental strength to keep going.

Well done - looking forward to the graduation party :D


Wow! You have done the programme right on schedule up to now?

That's rare :) Most of us took longer and graduated without reaching the 5k distance :)

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😂 I wish😉

I started New Year's Eve, I had a month out at at mid week5 due to the lurgy😷 I re-started at my previous run but in between I've had many extra rest days🙄

As for 5 k 😐 I haven't even got to 4😉😂

And I should have done the last one😱 today..... oh dear..... life got in the way🤔

Hoping to graduate tomorrow 👨‍🎓✋️👍🎉💪❤🌶

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LOL - it took me about three months and I religiously ran every second day :) I think I only covered about 3.5K at graduation :) Best wishes for tomorrow :)

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Well done on beating those negative thoughts 😊 you did it!😆👍👍👍

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