Parkrun. YAY!!!

'Wimbledon Common parkrun results for event #456. Your time was 00:34:45.

Congratulations on completing your 1st parkrun and your 1st at Wimbledon Common parkrun today. You finished in 384th place and were the 120th female out of a field of 415 parkrunners and you came 10th in your age category VW50-54. Take a look at this week's full set of results on our website. Well done on your first run. We have set this as your PB'

Took almost all the advice available, and my divine Daughter in law (6 feet tall, long swishy blonde ponytail, has run half marathon but that is the very least of her amazingness) ran with me all the way. Wimbledon Common parkrun is a beautiful course, through trees, past lakes... highly recommended. At the start we celebrated several members achieving enormous numbers of parkruns and there was even a cake presentation!

I ran the whole way round I said I RAN THE WHOLE WAY ROUND and I can hardly believe the time recorded- see the quote above I am not making this up, it doesn't feel entirely real!!!! Apologies for the excessive use of exclamation marks, capitals etc!!!! It definitely felt as if the majority of the folks there went off into the distance in front, but that gave us enough space to run at my gasping pace and even managed to smile as well...

MASSIVE THANK YOU to each and every one of you who replied to my wobbly post yesterday and gave me the strength to get out there and just bl**dy do it.

So that's W9R1 done then :) :) :) :) :) Love you ALL xxx


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  • Wow! Absolutely fabulous rainshine! Just a perfect first parkrun and brilliant time. Well chuffed for you xxx

  • Hi Lynda, thank you so much... the time, I am sure, is due to running with the fabulous DiL, and to the parkrun in general - and to feeling like part of a big, virtual family on here :)

  • Well done! And a fantastic time!

  • Hey Suzy! Thanks!!! Time I am sure id due to my wondrous DiL and to being part of the event... just goes to show, it's worth joining in rather than hiding :)

  • YAY well done you :) cracking time 1st time out :D

  • thank you so much Slow_Rob... as I may have mentioned previously :) time is due to my awesome DiL and I felt a wee bit sick the second I had finished. BUT- I finished! and if parkrun says that's the time I ran- then that's the time I ran!

  • Wow fantastic time!

    Well done you. โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ x

  • Bless you sweetie- thanks. I am now a smidgen worried that I will have to keep up with, indeed better, that PB! and next time out I won't have divine DiL to run with! I will have to have an imaginary DiL alongside me instead...

  • Well done Rainshine, what a lovely post and hurrah for your lovely comments about your daughter in law. That's just lovely.

    Sounds a great run all round and the time is good too.



  • Hi Jules- thank you so much. My heart is full of love and admiration for this wonderful woman- oh and teensy bit of *pride (oops) for managing the 5K at a reasonable speed despite being a 54 y o granny who never ran before 23rd July !

    :) xxx

  • You should be really proud . You did a great job.

    As for your daughter in law, she's very lucky to have such a caring mother in law.

    Well done again, hope you celebrated

    Jules xx

  • That's fantastic, well done!

  • Thanks Marky, I know you're a bit quick so it's kind of you to support a backrunner :) Seriously though, there were at least two minutes there where that was actually ok :)

  • Parkrun, 5km, 30 minutes ... from here on, everything is just putting a bit of polish on that Graduate badge you'll be wearing next to your username in no time at all, now. Well done.

  • Hey gary_bart. Thank you so much. I gotta keep the monentum up- I think my big problem is I just don't quite believe it! But the official record is there for me to look at now. I really can do the next two week 9s, I have run two week 8s at 33 mins anyway. Thereafter I now know I can parkrun, and aim at more pace; try hillier terrain... who knows? Despite my very poorly shoulders I'm looking at the 'tinternet for a new swimsuit; and have even ordered one of those bicycle thingys...


  • Fantastic. What a brilliant time.

    Don't you just love Parkrun?????

  • I DO!!!

    the ethos; the fact that it's free; that it is incredibly 'accessible'- you can go to any parkrun, they are on the internet, there's no song and dance, it's not competitive.. YAY i really do love it. It was really tough, but there were at least two minutes in the early 20 mins where it was actually just fine, and when it was really dire I concentrated on my arm action to ignore the FAIL signals coming from elsewhere- wow. parkrun. YAY :)

  • I love it so much! My whole family is now parkrun crazy. I'm only gutted I didn't discover it sooner.

    Best wishes for a long Parkrun journey โ˜บI'm determined to get a milestone t shirt even if it takes me years!!!

  • That's wonderful rainshine!!!! I'm proud for you!

  • How lovely- thanks RFB. I am still oscillating between a smidgen of secret pride, and not really believeing it. In the whole scheme of things it ain't a heap of beans but it is still a big achievement from zero running before end of July :)

  • Well done! Sounds fantastic!

  • It was, it was and thank you Ully! Altogether the run, the parkrun experience, the support of wondrous DiL, keeping running throughout, just wow. Ready to sleep a week though! :)

  • Well done, and looks super speedy to me :) lovely to read your happy post!

  • Thanks AbracaDeborah! I get that buzz from other people's posts, nice to share the happiness. I am so lucky that DiL instantly said she would run with me- what a lovely lady she is. parkrun is a fantastic movement- inclusive, easy, encouraging- brilliant :) speed entirely due to other factors I am just lucky to have been swept along with it all :)

  • I'm really happy for you. That's an amazing time for a first parkrun. You are going to go from strength to strength. Now you know you can believe in yourself.

    Rainshine, here you come !

  • thanks Adam! Oh crickey I now have to better that PB! Not sure that is going to happen anytime soon! But as I've said above it's due to being swept along by amazing DiL and the parkrun crew. Sneakily though I'm going to mentally stash that 'believe in yourself' mantra. That will carry me through the W9 R2 & 3 coming up, all on my own.

    Lookout! I'm coming through! :)

  • Great time rainshine and 10th in your category?! Fantastic! As someone who shares that age category (!) and has yet to Parkrun, I would like to say you are setting the bar extremely high for the rest of us!!! So pleased for you:-)

  • Thanks Sandra :) I am lucky to have had my DiL alongside me all the way. Perhaps we should have a virtual C25K VW50-54 group??? I can only stay in it till Feb though when I move up to 55 :) All I can say is, go parkrun. They have set out really great, pleasant to run, safe courses, and running with all those other people, non-competitively, helps spur you on. Do it you will love it :)

  • Same age category here ! I'll be moving on to 55-59 in September next year. Hoping there won't be so much competition !! Also if you go a few more times you'll get to suss out those running at about the same speed as you and you won't be able to help trying to compete with them albeit secretly !!

  • Me? Competitive? nooo :)

    well, maybe just a smidgen... but I am truly happy for everyone who feels uplifted by whatever they achieve :)

  • PS how lovely. we need to be virtual run buddies... I just need to graduate first...!!! :)

  • Didn't you do well ???? Fantastic news and a great start to your graduation week !

  • Thank you henpen! :)

    I really really hope I can get the next two W9s under my belt, and I'm SOOO glad to have done a parkrun, so I can see ways of carrying on after the programme is completed :)

  • BL**DY well done! Awesome!

  • Hey Dave thanks sooo much! I'm a smidgen worried that I will never match that time! But it is there in black and white and yes I am a bit chuffed despite it being entirely due to my divine DiL running with me :)

  • Thats brilliant! you did SO well, congratulations to you! :)

  • thanks aliboo :) sooo lucky to have the divine DiL with me all the way, what a kind and generous lady she is- and so are you ... I will soon, all being well, be completing my W9 2 & 3.... thanks again! :)

  • not long til graduation! its lovely to have great support on your 1st parkrun, i ran mine last yr with my best pal of nearly 30 yrs, who got me started on c25k! i did no 46 today! :)

  • oh wow- that's a great record, and a great friend too :)

  • Brilliant. Well done you. I did my first Parkrun today as well. Time for us both to put our feet up and relax! Enjoy rest of week 9. :-)

  • Hey Mims, I'm so glad you got out there and did it! Well done :) I'm so nearly nearly there :) looking forward to having a badge like yours, soon :)

  • Well done you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • thanks Chestnut :) :) :)

  • Oh my goodness, that is amazing! Incredible time and sounds like a great run. Very well done and enjoy the rest of week 9. Not long until graduation. I bet your family are super proud of you!

  • aww thanks ndgould :) I've now done R2 of week 9, not as fast but no matter. I think my family don'quite believe it- but I know DiL says she was very impressed :)

  • Congratulations :) I also did my 1st parkrun yesterday as well !!

  • Thank you, and well done Golddust :)! Hope you had a great time too- how uplifting to take part as a runner! :) Here's to us first timers setting our PBs :)

  • Brilliant Rainshine, so happy for you and what an amazingly fast time too !

    Go you ! ( And D-I-L of course, she sounds lovely) :-) xxx

  • Hey poppypug, thank you! My DiL truly is lovely and amazing. Her story is incredible- deaf in one ear, older sister is Down's syndrome, and her first daughter (my first little granddaughter Eleanor) died from suffocation during birth. Yay my DiL is a tower of strength and endurance :) xxx

  • Wow well done! great re for a first try. I am still plucking up the courage to do a park run, am hoping to try it this weekend.

  • Hey there glossy- there's no You&Julie involved for a start! Ignore my time, it's entirely due to running with DiL love her to bits. Go get 'em! It's an amazing feeling and really does mean you come out from the shadows and turn up as a RUNNER! You can do it! You're a graduate! Be sure to set your club to C25K (it is an option now!). Where would you be running? x

  • Lack of Julie is a definite positive!!

    There are a couple near me, the nearest one has very quick times though, not many over 35 mins and that worries me knowing I'll be slower - I don't fancy being the only slow one. I think it would take me around 45 mins at my current speed. I think I will sign up though and get the barcode in readiness for the bravery!

  • Do it :) x

  • Wow, massive well done- this is really inspiring me for my final run of week 9 on Wednesday!

  • Oh my word - an excellent time!! Very well done - Parkrun is great for the self esteem!

  • Wow, fantastic! I graduate with my first parkrun on Saturday, hope I make it!!

  • Fantastic time yay you :) xx woop woop

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