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Junior Parkrun - My 4 year olds first run/walk!


Hi all!

Short post and sorry for it not really being directly C25K related. I took my daughter to her first 2km junior parkrun. She walked the majority of the way and needed a lot of encouragement to finish, but she enjoyed it at the end and even managed a sprint finish! We completed in 23 minutes and she even got a medal for attending the inagural Barking & Dagenham junior parkrun!

I have attached a photo of us running.

Happy running all!

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That's really cool, thank you for posting this. I'm so glad to hear about Junior Parkruns - I'm really looking forward to being able to go out with my daughter like this. My dad used to take my sisters and me out on British Heart Foundation runs and we had a lot of fun. I bet she had a lot of fun and it was great daughter-daddy time for her as well as you.

AftabsGraduate in reply to Hidden

I was fun. I have told her that if she is a good girl during the week her treat will be to go to Junior parkrun. So she thinks it is a treat which I think is the right way to motivate children, hint hint Michael Gove...

Hidden in reply to Aftabs

Definately a good way to motivate her. My dad used to do either/or, as in, you can do some housework or go for a run. It worked in the good weather :-) And my parents didn't have to lift a finger in the winter lol!

Joking aside, making something seem fun and desirable is really the way to go with kids. Although my daughter still is too young (I take her out in a carrier or she comes out in the buggy if with my OH), she knows that trainer time is fun time (well it is for her, maybe not so much for me or the OH :-) )


Well done to her. We took our two children, 5 and 7, on a 2k 'fun' run a week past Sunday. I thought they'd find it easy but they both found it quite tough and there was a fair bit of walking but they didn't finish last - and they loved the final leg into the stadiums for the finish, managing to find the energy to sprint really fast! It's good for them to do these things, and I started doing this to set a good example - hopefully it will work! There's now a junior park run starting near us on Sundays ( first one this weekend) so hoping they might do that - though my daughter said she would never do one of these again!!!

Your daughter looks very cute and quite the runner!

AftabsGraduate in reply to Tadaruns

Thanks! She asked for the headband because I always wear a sweat band on my runs. You can't see it on the photo but she had my red wristband on because she wanted the matching set!


That is just the cutest thing, thanks for posting - many happy runs to you both. :-)

AftabsGraduate in reply to notbad

Thanks and it is my pleasure!

Of course its c25k related. She is the next generation. So sweet and great that it's something you can do together. If she ends up with her fathers speed we might just see her at the Olympics one day.

AftabsGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

She has my competitive streak, so you never know!

Brilliant photo - she is adorable! And the junior parkrun is such a good thing, like Realfoodie says, she's the next generation and will hopefully grow up loving running and as fast (or even faster?!) as her Dad!

AftabsGraduate in reply to TurboTortoise



I will let her know!


Best of luck Aftabs! Delightful post and please tell your little one that on here we are all very impressed by her effort!

You are so right to treat the Parkrun as a reward! Very wise move.

Here's to many more happy runs for you and your family! Keep us posted :) :) :)

AftabsGraduate in reply to Beek

I will let her know and keep you all posted on her progress!


Ahh, lovely! Its great to encourage children like this, and the medals and headbands help I am sure. It was previous posts from you and others on here that encouraged me to do my first park run, so keep up the good work. Well done x

AftabsGraduate in reply to no-excuse

Thanks and it is nice to hear that our encouragement has helped to recruit another Parkrunner! I can't praise Parkrun enough. We had 7 runners in total on Sunday and there were more volunteers than runners. I expect this to change as the Junior Parkrun gets more publicity but it is great that people give up some of their weekend to help us all to run.


What a beauty...well done Little Miss Aftabs :)

AftabsGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Yep, she doesn't get that from me, it is all from her Mum...

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