-4C. Chilly out, eh?

-4C.  Chilly out, eh?

Okay, so this isn't me. I found this picture on the internet and it was taken in temperatures of -60C which does put things in perspective a bit...

But still, I think Minus Four this morning is the lowest temperature I've run in. It was beautiful, though, to be out and to see the sun "sort of" come up through the freezing fog. The bushes and trees were a bit like this chap's eyelashes are here. I'm so glad I went.

To try and offset the cold-induced asthma, I wore my buff over my mouth for the first third of the run, until it got too damp with the moisture from my breath, at which point I tucked it under my chin.

Two things happened when I got home.

1) I fell up the front steps. I was entirely unhurt, except for my pride which was very hurt indeed. Mind you, it serves me right as I was just entering that very smug state I sometimes get into post-run. I live in a busy road and at that time in the morning the world and its spouse were on their way to work so plenty of people saw me...

2) When I went to take my buff off, I initially couldn't. The moisture on it had frozen solid. :)

Happy days.


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17 Replies

  • -4 is cold indeed. Not surprised your buff was frozen!

    It takes a certain skill to fall up the steps - it's not everyone who can do that! So maybe all those witnesses were in awe of you . . . ;-)

  • I did fall up steps once before and broke a toe. I hadn't thought of it as a skill!

  • Chilly! Well done for getting out there ⛄

  • Brilliant that you were out in sub zero temperatures. And well done for providing amusing entertainment for the people on their way to work. 😂 Glad you weren't hurt.

  • Respect Anne😊xxx

  • I used to like my buff, but this year I have avoided it. Being made of cotton it retains moisture excellently, so it gets very cold when the weather is cold.

  • There is a saying in the world of winter camping that "cotton kills". I doubt your buff would actually kill you but, no, I don't think it's the ideal fabric...

  • My buff is synthetic microfiber fabric but still retains moisture and freezes. I was wondering if it would help to get a wool buff?

  • I might knit one and see!

  • If it gets wet and you're in sub zero it will freeze. 😰

    I have a Marino one, which I love. It does dry quickly & is very comfortable. 😀

  • Happy days indeed!

    I wore a buff over my face to start with today (well, a cheapo fleece one from Aldi, but it was fine)

    I ran for the first time in ages today. I came across a shop forecourt where the shopkeeper had swabbed the decks and the flipping water had of course frozen. Like a ruddy skating rink ! Glad you were ok after your slip. No harm done, thankfully.

    I don't think my run was as cold as yours though

  • Oh that's great that you're up and running (literally) again. What a mad day to wash a forecourt- yikes!

  • ❄️Brrrr! ❄️🏃🏽‍♀️❄️ Very well done on getting out there despite the cold! I know exactly what that slightly embarrassed hurt pride feels like - I did a very impressive trip and head over heels stunt roll in the last few metres of a long run once. Glad you are ok though!🙂

  • Ooft! Bet you couldn't have done that if you had tried!

  • Probably best it was only your pride. Hope you were well wrapped up.

  • Well done for running when it's so cold!! I've not had my buff freeze, but I know what you mean about it getting too damp!!

    I thought I was the only one with a knack for falling up steps- although I usually choose concrete ones and, being a pianist, use my knees and shins to land on to protect my hands!! (And has resulted in more than one trip to minor injuries to check for chipped bones!)

    Glad you survived the trip with just damaged pride!

  • I've just done my first run with + temperature. W3 R 3 still feel it's toooo hard .... Dreading moving up to W4

    0745. 7 C. Positively balmy. Was told get your run over as early as you can on day off so you can feel smug all day

    May have to remove the fleece next time.

    Must get one of those arm thingies to hold my phone instead of zipping it into fleece. You can tell I'm a professional can't you!

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