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Pleased & disappointed

Went for a run yesterday in the sunshine & was feeling fantastic; no 10 minute barrier to push through, pace was great & my best time then at 1.3 miles I had bladder dysfunction!! Rescue team called out & I had to be driven home. Oh flipping heck I thought (or words to that effect) & had to stop. I was feeling quite despondent getting back home. Not down for long tho as going to restrict caffeine today & try again this evening with OH- he will be walking but I will run it. Sun is out again& it will be still light when I get home so it will be happy running 🙃

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Bladder dysfunction as in you just needed a wee? Or something more serious? Needing a wee happens to so many of us :D If you scan these posts you will see many references to this (and worse! :O ) and if you look at Runner's World or equivalent it's on there as well. I think it's something to do with the regular up-and-down motion. Many of us have pulled over for a wild wee if we're out in the countryside, or if in town have dived into public loos or coffee shops etc :D You're a runner - it happens :D


I am afraid it is urinary stess incontinence, not just needing a wee. Having a cold has exacerbated it, I can usually control it 😅


Oh, sorry to hear that. That must be difficult :(


Usually it is ok but a cold & a wedding where I drank lots of tea & other caffeine containing drinks upset everything. Back to normal now so I will try a run tomorrow - assuming that the torrential rain has stopped x

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