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Disappointing run - first failure :( - advice please folks!

Just had to wimp out in the middle of week 6 run 3 (thought I would be sick if I tried to carry on). I am feeling so upset at my first failure (even though I still ran for 20 mins - and even covered slightly more ground than I did on W5R3). Any tips as to what I should do now? Do I go back and repeat all of week 6 or just get up tomorrow morning and try again straight away? Need some advice guys!

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First of all the positives - you ran for 20 minutes. OK, you were aiming to run for longer, but that's actually pretty good going. (Think of the feeling of dread most of us had/have looking forward to W5R3 - you've done it twice now!)

DON'T go tomorrow - you did a 20 minute run today, so tomorrow is a rest day. Plan to go on Friday or Saturday.

As for which run to do ... how did the other W6 runs feel? If they were OK (or at least, not worse than your other previous runs) then I'd go for W6R3 again. If they were really hard, then go back and do one or both again.


We all have failed runs from time to time, nothing's going to change that. Don't fixate on it, try to figure out the cause (bearing in mind there are times when "it" just doesn't work) and try to put it right next time. If you fixate on the failure then you're risking turning one failure into a series of failures, you've come this far, you really can do it ;-)


I had a similar experience on run3 of week7 & was I gutted. A friend on this site said to me that if it was the opposite of the high you get when you complete the run then it must be awful & it was. But the good folk here explained why it wasn't a failure & I gave myself a good talking to. I went on to week 8 & it was fine. Don't beat yourself up. In a week's time you will feel completely different. Personally I agree with the others & if, like runningnearbeirut says, you completed the first two runs then don't complete the whole week. See how it goes but definitely take that day's rest.


20 minutes is no small feat so a huge congratulations for that! If it was me I'd take a rest day and then try the run again until you complete it (it can take a couple of go's). Most importantly dont be hard on yourself, we have good and bad runs. Never let them get you down, you can do this! The amount of times I have done weeks 4 - 6 is beyond silly. Happy running! :)


Thanks everyone. I will make sure I have a rest day tomorrow at least and attempt W6R3 again on friday or saturday. I didn't find the other week 6 runs too bad so maybe i was just having an off day today - I know what you mean crox when you say sometimes "it" just doesn't work. I am reassured and hell yeah - I did W5R3 twice - that is a positive :)


First of all.. congrats on the 20 min run! that is fantastic!!

second... the first "failure" ever at week 6!! I think that is pretty awesome!

(personally I had failures at week 3 and at week 4 and have had to do both weeks often ;) )

so YAY you!

Personally I'd take a rest day tomorrow, and try again the next day like everyone else said;)


I've just had the same problem with my first "failure" at wk7 r1. I think the first problem is calling it a "failed run". Any run, for any amount of time is better than no run at all!

I repeated the run and completed it on the second attempt so I would advise that you just go out and do it again...I don't think you need to repeat the whole week.

Think positive, you can do it! X


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