Trying To Get To A 5 k

Well I Have Finally Give In & Said I'm Going Do This . I am overweight so I am losing weight in the process . I am 3 week strong with walking and I have improved my distance and pace . I recently added runs of 1 min 2x in my workout this week .

I want to start the program in May as I think It Will Be easy for me, however some say I could start in mid April because I was walking since begging of March and I can hold it for 30+ min . Should I start the program in april or wait? Also Is July a good month I should Be Ready ? I have signed myself for a 5k in July and I don't want to rush it .


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  • Start now! Tomorrow if you can.

    The program is designed for all ages, shapes and sizes and your walking will have given you some aerobic base to work on. Week 1 of c25k involves running in one minute intervals which is something you are already able to do.

    Just take the running nice and slowly and I am sure you will be fine.

  • Thanks

  • I would go for it... take it slowly it's more of a jog than a sprint... good luck 😎

  • Thanks you all ... I am going start tomorrow as today is a Rest day !!!

  • Good luck and remember to run as slowly as possible!

  • Hi Allenka as Dunder 2004 has said start... until recently I've been doing most of my running on a gym treadmill. I am also overweight. The gym i go to is one of "The Gym Group". its got all of the gear you need but its not a health club just exercise equipment and showers. some people seem concerned of how they will look when they start... I was a fat man in shorts and a t shirt... I'm now a slightly less fat man in shorts and a t shirt. No one gives you a second glance they're all too busy focusing on their own workout.

    Week 1 is fairly gentle... but its taken me 8 pretty determined weeks to get to a point where I have been doing 5k runs on the road this week. The quicker you start...

    good luck John

  • Thanks a lot ... I am ready to start . My problem is scared to start because I might fail . but you all have made me determined to go ahead n start and not put it off !

  • Hi Allenak, as i have said in a post elsewhere I felt much the same last night before i had a go at my first parkrun 5k after completing week 7 of c25k. Would I fail to finish? Would I look like a pratt? etc... I went on various sites and even on youtube. One chap had posted that if you have a go you are already miles ahead of all the people in the country who haven't. This strikes me as a pretty good ideology.

    If you have a go and jog (and I don't really run... people can overtake me at a walk) for only a minute you are already doing better than the millions of our fellow citizens who are doing nothing!

    For my sins I am a secondary school history teacher. I'll end with a quote from Winston Churchill.. if you have a go in the next few days "this is not the end; it is not even the beginning of the end; it is perhaps the end of the beginning" (Churchill's comment on the battle of El Alamein in 1942).


  • Get started I'd say. The programme is so well designed to help you progress slowly and safely, go for it and good luck. Always plenty of support on here if you need help.

  • Start as soon as you can

    I haven't ever run on treadmill as ;

    A I haven't got one

    B won't pay for gym membership

    C like to give myself targets like running to next lampost when i think I'm going to collapse whilst running

    Follow the programme I'm 58 get unfit but Laura managed to get me through(and the support from here!)

  • You can do it. No gym required. The great outdoors now spring has sprung and lighter nights have arrived. Never been a better time to start the job of spring cleaning yourself 😀

    Go slowly is the only advice

  • Thanks everyone for the inspiration... I started today on my couch 2 5 k and it was awesome . my first 10 min was hell as usual , but I kept pushing . and after about the 3rd run it was easy . I wanted to kee going, but I held out . Patience !!!! I kept it slow as steady . my goal is to finish the program with being able to run no stop for 3 min . After, should I redo the program to up my pace or is there another program?

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