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Ankle Injury :(

So I just completed Week3 last night, and unfortunately took a trip on a twig...the twig won, and my left ankle has puffed up.

I can move my ankle up and down, but circling is very painful. I can bear weight on it, and have been able to walk around the office-although the stairs are painful, as is pressing the clutch to drive!

It doesn't seem bad enough to warrant a Drs appointment (we know how busy they are!), so I'm looking for any advice on recovery time/reducing swelling/resting etc. Although if its sore in another couple of days I will visit a Doctor.

Thanks for any advice in advance-I was really enjoying the running, and wouldn't want to stop

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Ouch.... horrid... :( the obvious one.. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Probably safe to return to running when you are pain-free, and have a full range of movement, in the ankle. If it is a mild sprain or twist, maybe a really good ankle support could see you running in a couple of weeks. :)

Lots of info on the net about coping with this sort of injury and I am sure there will be folks on here who will have great advice too :) Heal soon :)

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Don't under- estimate the length of time this might take to heal. And see a doctor. I sprained mine too years ago and didn't go to the doctor at the time only for it to raise its head when I started running and then having to have treatment on it! And I couldn't run for ages ☹️

When the pain goes make sure you do ankle strengthening exercises - standing on a pile of cushions on one leg or drawing the alphabet with your foot while standing.

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I sprained mine on week 8 of C25K and had to take a few months off. I took the advice that once you can walk your usual route pain free then you could start running again. I started the programme again and graduated last Easter. There's no need to rush things.

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Thank you for the advice...its so odd that id only started running 3 weeks ago and I'm already bored of 'resting'...


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