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W8R2 - take that gremlins

My last run was a week ago (whoops), so wasn't sure how I would fare on a 28 minute run.

But I set off at a slow and steady pace and just focused on keeping an even pace. My left knee started to hurt during the first five minutes, but I kept on going. "You're going so slow", the gremlins whispered in my ear, but I kept on going. I even started reciting The Man from Snowy River in my head as the poetry has a great rhythm to it that can work well with running strides. "There was movement at the station for the word had passed around..."

Coming up to 25 mins and I was getting tired and going more slowly. But with my 5 minute warmup walk (so been measuring for 30 minutes), I was a bit over 4K and wondered whether I might get to 5k before I stopped running. So I picked up the pace and managed to just get to 5K as the running part ended! So end result was 5K in 33 minutes (5 mins walking, 28 running). I might crack the 30 minute mark yet :)

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I love it.. love the poetry bit, I am, ( as chums on here know a bit fanatical about poetry).

There are some great ones to run to :) Strangely, The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God, by Hayes is a good one for a slow run..:)

Love that poem too.. Banjo Paterson wrote some great lyrics and poems, and most people are really familiar with Waltzing Matilda but his other works, not so ... :)

Okay, sorry..... !

Back to your run, very well done.... try not to focus too much on distance and speed, just stay comfortable and get to that Graduation party in one piece... we can all drink bubbly and sing Bush songs and recite poetry!!!

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Poetry is awesome! A few years ago, I made it my amibition to learn a few poems by heart - they aren't quite all in there, but I know the whole of Man from Snowy River, most of Pardon, Son of Reprive (also by Banjo Paterson), the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, and a few things from Shakespeare - Hamlet's soliquoy, a bit from Romeo and Juliet, and most of Rudyard Kipling's "If".

My husband is a fanastical Banjo Paterson fan - he likes "A Bush Christening" and "the Geebung Polo Club" :)

Yup - I am focusing on trying to stay comfortable and breathe, and doing better in that regard I think. Working on my mental strength at the moment - hence the distraction in the form of poems :)

The speed is a nice bonus - and a bit of a surprise :)

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I'd never thought of reciting poetry while I run - might have to start learning a few more! :)

Sounds like a really good run yesterday (World Poetry Day, too!) - well done :)


It is a bit of a distraction and challenges me to see how much I remember :) Unless I get distracted and have to start over again :)

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