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First overseas 5K


I have been walking this route since I got here to assess when it was clear enough to run and today with a lot of trepidation (I'm used to running more or less on the flat, some bits of this route are tough to walk without getting out of breath) I went for it. It was not as bad as I feared (that could be the motto for C25K!), I had to stop and walk briefly on several icy bits, I dropped to a walk for the steep last 200m to the turn round point and my hands were a little cold (my string-like legs were fine in shorts). I resisted the temptation to bomb down the mostly downhill return leg but was then grateful for the excuse to do my 5 minute warm down up the hill - it's called Mount Fee Road for a reason :) - back to the house.

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Morning!😀 Ooh that looks chilly! Good for you for having run already 🙂

Have you got done grippers for your shoes? They wear running with shoes with rubbery studs on em I think in Norway etc. Some lady here told us all about them in one of her recent posts 😀

Have fun, taking care if course 🙂

Now-runner_NeedsAttnGraduate in reply to misswobble

I saw the post but no, I was running in my regular running shoes. It was OK, they do an excellent job of clearing the Valley Trail and it had thawed too, it just meant I had to run looking at the surface a few feet in front to be ready to stop and tiptoe over the occasional couple of metres of ice.


Well done - looks beautiful! Running tourism is the best :)

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