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First post-graduation run

Hello everyone,

I wasn't sure about how to continue with the running after the end of C25K, I can run for 30 minutes, but I would definitely like to be able to run 5K and I don't know how to achieve that, should I focus on increasing speed or time? What do you think?

Today I played the 'stepping stone' podcast from C25K+, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. At the beginning was a bit weird but after a while I realized following the rhythm was helping me breath a lot better.

How did you continue after graduating?

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Hi yaskas I'm just running 3 times a week. Ran 18k last week, so a couple were over the 5k (one 7.6 :o , but just so enjoying being able to run. I'm not interested in speed or distance really, but I do want to be able to run a long for a long time - is that weird? Just call me Forest :D ...xx


I find Stepping Stone a good one, and I've done my own custom version of it by using an Audio Editor (Audacity) to duplicate five minutes from the 150bpm section to increase the time - it's just about enough to get me within sight of 5K. The point is though to increase the time gradually - look at how far you're going at the moment, and the recommendation is no more than 10% increase per week. That and the Speed podcast are my main accompaniments now.

My aim at the moment is a parkrun every month, and try and slowly improve my time for that - once I'm doing two 5K runs a week comfortably (plus another shorter one) I might look at increasing time/distance a bit further. Many go on to look at Bridge to 10K, my feeling is get to the point where 5K is a regular occurrence rather than something to celebrate, then reassess!


Thank you for your thoughts! For some reason I didn't get a notification and didn't see this in 2 days. I'll try increase the time little by little, I have found your comment very useful!


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