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Week One - Done!

Last night saw me complete W1R3... in the rain. (I know we're not cycling but reference to Velominati Rule #9 - If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.)

Feeling good about starting Week 2 (First time on my third attempt at C25K) tomorrow evening. My legs feel tired with the odd little pain I'm not concerned about so I'm hoping to finally make progress now.

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Well done😀 I know nothing about cycling but it sounds as though you're enjoying the program (again) so far👍

I don't know how far you've gone in the past? You say third time attempt at w2? 🤔 Could just be that I'm easily confused 🙄

Anyway, if you want to succeed, you need to slow down. Every person, every shape, every age can do this program 😀👍

It's not about striding out like a marathon runner and defeating yourself, it's a lovely slow and steady wins the race✋️

I wish you luck 🌶


I've completed Week 1 twice previously, the first time left me with pains in my foot and the second time I let the weather get the best of me. Tonight I will for sure be starting Week 2.

I'll take the feedback on board to slow down - I think that was the issue the first time round. Thank you.


I'm not a cyclist at all but I know two maniacs and I love the Velominati rules :D

Well done for sticking at this. You will do fine - slow down, your pace is quite speedy for early in the programme. Speed will come later. I'm guessing that you are quite fit if you are a cyclist but these are new muscles now. This is all about learning to run for 30 minutes. I wish you well - keep posting to let us know how you're doing.


I love cycling, has to be one of all time favourite things to do - sadly it's difficult to always find the time and as I'm working from home now I've even lost the need to commute. Very easy to fit a 30 minute run in the evening though!

I will focus on slowing down in my forthcoming runs, thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.

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