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W1R2 Done !

After a long day at work on Friday I was glad to get my running gear on and go out - managed the 8 runs with no problem. though it's my third time trying this.

Had a few beers and a meal in town last night and feeling tender but I still fully intend to get my third run in tonight.

I've discovered two things recently;

1. I much prefer running at night, I don't know why but 8PM when it's dark outside seems a perfect time for me to go.

2. On-ear bluetooth headphones are working out great for me over both my bluetooth in-ear and wired in-ear earphones. The on-ear ones look a little silly but they don't move during my run, sound great and no wires.

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Well done. You're on your way!


I quite like running at night too, apart from the obvious hazards. It does force you to run slower, which is no bad thing. As the lighter nights arrive you will have a much wider window of opportunity to get out. Cooler too 🙂


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