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Almost 2 months on

I've been away a while . I have been trying to do three runs a week but last week didn't do any as I went to the gym on Monday for the very first time so you can imagine the toll it took. Did a lot of leg work so It took till Friday for my muscles to recover. Did 30 min on the cross trainer to compensate then some more gym stuff. The next real run was on Monday on a treadmill and I got to the end and after two days was back on the road today. Had to really push myself at the end of the stepping stone run but I made it. Clearly the lesson is the importance of consistency!

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That was a lot of sudden work for your little legs so I'm sure they were sore afterwards 😩 Consistency is good 😊 But well done anyway.


Lol thanks took for days before I could do anything


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