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Back on track :D Thank you all!

After over a week of illness and getting better and a little longer weekend of motivation struggle, I finally put my shoes on with a lot of self-doubt and very little confidence. I left my dog at home, poor her, as I decided to concentrate on myself.

During first 3-min run I thought I'd die, but I survived. Then Laura said that I am supposed to run for 5 min, I was terrified, but decided to have a go. Surprisingly and very suddenly somewhere around third minute I've noticed that I started to run lighter and easier. This little kick of euphoria plant a seed of faith that I may complete this run after all. But, as life is not a straight green path, it occurred that even the rest /walk breaks may be a bumpy roads - I got a massive stitch that stayed even after the next 3-min run forcing me to stop for a moment and have a bend to allow my upper body just to hang and release most of the tension. It helped enough to get me through the last run. When Laura said that I finished today's run and it is time for cool down walk, I hi-fived myself in my thoughts and a big smile just flourished on my face. My emotions again took over me, and I did another approx. 1-min-vicotry-run :)

At this point, I need to say huge thanks to some of you. As your posts voiced in my head pushed me out the door, and keep me going when I thought I cannot make it.

Oldfloss - thank you for your post "The best thing about memories…? Making new ones."

Bigfatsal - thank you for your uplifting post after your W5R3 and sharing your

One of the forum member who wrote inspiration post about a girl running along the road construction seen by c5k car driver. I cannot find the post or the author :( If you know what / who I'm talking about please send me some hint how to find it.

In the end, I want to share my admiration for all of you who are running with some extra weight, who struggle with diseases, who are not so young in body any more (although still young in heart). Hats off! In theory I am quite fit, my mid 30s, with average weight, and still struggle a lot with runs, with motivation, just with myself. You are my heroes and unaware angels.

Thank you all!

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Oh Iga I am soooo happy to see this post, and so thrilled for you! You have done so well after being unwell. I am so pleased for you! Thank you for your kind words too xx


It may sounds like too much, but really I wanted to give up running and just stay with some home workouts. Thanks to you and mainly 2 other people, I decided to continue.

Although this run was very difficult for me, I think to start week 5 on my next run. In the end I was running for 5 minutes already twice today. W5R1 has "only" 1 more 5-min run.

How are your runs in week 6 going?


I have only done run1, it was really tough!! I did it, and recovered quite quickly, but I had to really push myself to finish it. My friend who I run with is fitter than me and so I was very left behind this time! I think we both felt quite confident after running for 20 minutes - we were wrong hahaha! Run2 tomorrow morning :O xx


Congratulations on the first run of week 6, you are getting closer and closer to the graduation :) You came so long way. It is good that you felt confident! As I heard it is never getting easier, you are just getting better and better, so you are just doing harder and harder things. In the beginning something that was impossible, now can be your warm up. Remind yourself week 1 ;)

About your friend being "fitter". Maybe you are right, or maybe she just had a better day. We all have better and worse days, better and worse runs ;) As far as I remember, you wrote that you are at quite similar fitness level.

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So well done! You definitely have the right mindset IgaT. It's lovely too that you and Bigfatsal can spur each other on. There's nothing better than having a running buddy in the weeks before graduation 😊


Thank you. I hope I have correct mindset. Maybe I start to believe in this after W5R3 ;) This 20 minute of continuous run is exciting, but I have no idea how I will manage.


IgaT you do have the correct mindset, you are here, right? :) I think, for me, W5R3 was the big turning point, I actually feel as if I can run now! For your 20 minute run, just trust that you can do it - and you will. This programme is amazing, it sets you up to succeed and you will do it I know! I think the longer runs are actually easier than the interval runs, surprisingly. I did W6R2 this morning and again it was hard but I did it! McFitty it is great having IgaT to spur me on, I wouldn't dare give up now!!


Thank you Bigfatsal. Yes, I am here. I really want to become a runner and get more confident about myself.

For a longer runs I assume you just need to catch the correct rhythm and breathing pattern, if it would be just so easy :P During intervals it is too easy to go too fast and get too tired too quickly, a lot of "too something".

Thus, while doing W5R3, it is our thought we need to fight and convince ourselves that we can. I'll definitely, let you know if I win this battle. I know the programme is amazing and it is making it works, but my schedule is not exact due to illnesses :( W1R1 --> W5R2 - ~3 months break - W3R1 --> W4R2 - 1 week break - W4R3 (?) and will see where it will take me.


Not sure how I missed this, but having just read your latest post, have been checking back :)

This post shows you can and are doing it.... yes you are.

It also proves that with support you will carry on doing it... you simply have to want to and that is the bottom line :)

Focus on you, make yourself the priority... be kinder to yourself and take it steady and slow.. it is the only way.. I know that very well!

Life has a habit of upending us, for whatever reasons,but together we can quite literally move mountains...:)

These last couple of weeks, I have felt ancient...but my friends on here and my family keep me buoyant and strong... and encourage me to take that big breath and lift my head high again...I know I am a pain with my sayings and ramblings and my quotes but I do believe in what I say...


"Strength grows in the moments when you think you can't go on, but you keep going anyway."

Keep going?

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