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Grateful to all of you!

Well yesterday was due to be week 6 run 3 and I woke about 5.50 but could sleep on a bit - big mistake as when the alarm went off at 7am I had that ghastly dragging yourself up from drowning feeling. I SO didn't want to get up. I had a day off work so could have stayed in bed. I couldn't see that I was going to succeed at 25 mins anyway. NOTHING was encouraging me to get up. I checked my emails and one had come in with all the C25k posts - one in particular from pot58 was about the struggle of w6r2 and all the encouragement for pot58 to carry on for the next run suddenly made me have the motivation to get out of bed!!!!

It was a struggle at first in the walk and then I started the run. I was trying to make deals with myself - get to 5mins and aim for 10, I could stop there and repeat w6r2 and then suddenly Laura said I'd done 12.5 mins. I turned a corner on my usual route and where normally I go across a flat field to avoid a hill, I decided to do the hill!!! For the first time! I had to then extend my route and then suddenly I was done. 25 mins. I am a runner!! Apparently!

I was thinking about repeating w6r3 next week to consolidate my progress and then found out that is what w7 is! So I feel ready to try it. Wow! Just hope I can get up.

So thank you to you all for posting. It makes such a difference. Your words support me as I go round. And if I had waited to run, I'd have been caught in flash flood style rain so I even avoided that too.

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Well done you! So many successes today, and now you KNOW that you'll be able to do W7 :)

Keep it slow and steady and you'll be fine. And now you've conquered the hill, there will be no stopping you!


Thanks Running - you were one of the respondents to Pot58 who inspired me. When you have already graduated you must be looking forward at your own goals but your advice, support and wisdom are helping others to reach for theirs. Really appreciate it. Slow and then slower is the way I'm heading at the moment.

My ankle is a bit twingy so I'm RICE-ing it so that I can cope on Monday for w7r1.


Well done, henpen and good luck with w7 ;)


Thanks paul2014, looking forward to Monday, almost! Hope your rubs are going well too.


Oops meant runs! Lol


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