Should be on week 1 run 3 but ill

Hi all

I should be doing week 1 run 3 today but i've come down with a sore throat and tight chest. My body aches so bad. I had a cold a couple of weeks ago, but thought I was over it.

I guess I should give myself a break and start again when I feel better? Any advice?

I feel peeved that I am having to stop before i've hardly even started argh!


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9 Replies

  • I had to stop beginning of W2 because my phone broke and then I went away for the weekend, and I was fine getting back into it after an enforced 8 day break. Give your body the time it needs to recover and then head on out again. You'll enjoy it so much when you get there.

  • Thanks Ryse, great advice and i'm glad i'm not the only one that has had to take a forced break.

  • You are definitely not the only one 😀 ... I had to stop for a month at the beginning of week 3 for a bad knee - I'm now on W8. Don't despair, you will get there.

  • Sorry to hear that Joolez but i'm glad it wasn't anything that stopped you long term and that you have been able to get back to it :-)

  • Stop and feel better before you head out again. We ignore our body warnings at our peril!

    Above the neck, generally might be worth a trial run, anything below the neck.. let yourself recover.. :)

    The run will still be there and you will enjoy it a lot more too :)

  • Oh no. So sorry... Best decision though. It's not good to train when your sick. Speedy recovery x

  • That is bad luck! I am in a similar situation as I did W3r1 and then developed a chest infection which has exacerbated my asthma. Running seems far off at the moment and I am on antibiotics and steroids as well as my inhalers. I received the advice to wait until you have been symptom free for three days before you begin again.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for all the replies and great advice. I'm sorry you've all been in this situation, I guess its just one of those things isn't it. I got a good nights sleep last night which I think has helped. I don't ache so much today but my throat is bad and i've developed a cough now so I guess whatever has been festering is now coming out, which in a way is probably a good thing.

    I'm going to go with all your excellent advise and wait until I am feeling better, like you say, it will still be there. I'll probably just start again and hopefully by waiting til i'm fully recovered I won't lapse again :-)

    I will do this :-)

  • I was struggling to stop and have (another) break as well. First time I managed to get to W5R2 and then had over 3 months of break due to illness and recovery. After few weeks of home-preparation I was back running (W3R1). Last week, after W4R2, I got ill again :( Currently, I am finishing my one week rest. I did few day break from forum followed by some reading that motivated me to go back running. Thus, I plan to try to run today or tomorrow and see how I feel.

    Life is like that. We do something, we have a break, then back on track. As long as we are coming back, we are winners ;)

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