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Couch to 5K
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Completed run 27

Wow, 9 weeks to the day. Well it was actually Friday at 16.43 when I completed the covenant but haven't had time to declare deed done till now. It was a tough last run, harder than the first 2, maybe that was because I was tired but I think it was because of something else. I thought as a reward, I'd treat myself to some new Nike trainers - and christen them on the 27th run - in hindsight, I don't think I should have. Only five minutes in and it was Houston, we have a problem, me MoJo was all to kilter, the shoes felt different. Didn't matter in the end though, I wasnt going to stop and do it again next day.

Anyway, thanks forum and thanks members - I wouldnt have done it without you. I cant say I have contributed much in here in way of posts or advice but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyones journey.

Onwards and upwards, this is where it begins. .

Speed up is the next objective - I'm still nowhere near reaching 5K in 30 minutes

Parkruns in 3 weeks

Then its 5K to 10K.........

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Well done and congratulations, Raymond.

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You look warm, but happy! Well done - the fun now really starts.

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Great stuff Raymond😊

Congratulations🎉🎉🎉 and you definately need a Graduate badge on that shirt.😄

You ask for it on the pinned posts. Graduation badges for March..

Well done and happy running. You need to get those Nike's worn in...

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Well done ! Sympathise with your "Houston we have a problem" comment. Even now sometimes in first few minutes into running I say to myself "Why am I doing this ?".

Especially this morning did my 5 minute warm up walk and as started running the rain came down ! So like you said "I'm not going to stop and do it again another day".

Well done for overcoming the mental and physical obstacles. I'm not doing 5K in 30 minutes yet but for me I've found that doing the extra time up to 45 minutes about 6 1/4 K has helped my stamina. When I drop down to 5K I find it easier to experiment with increasing my speed. I'm not worried about it. Not planning to do marathons or anything, but good luck to those that do.

I'm just happy with great feeling of health and well being physically and mentally and buzz of overcoming obstacles such as mental gremlins and rain etc.

Again well done ! and let us all know how you get on with your cunning plan for future running !

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Fantastic well done :D Good going to keep on with the new shoes too, I'm sure they'll settle down soon enough :D onwards and onwards x

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