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Deflated and crabbit

Off the IC this week after hurting my foot about 3 weeks ago. Out with my daughter on Tuesday night and decided 10mins would be fine just so that I could make sure there were no ill-effects next day and to be honest I was bloody knackered anyway! My foot has felt fine ever since and I am so pleased because I've been really missing getting out (never thought I would say that) HOWEVER went back out this afternoon and could only run for 8 mins before needing to walk for a bit then running for another 2 mins before i gave up. My calves were killing me and my breathing was all over the place. Is it gremlins or could my fitness have gone downhill so dramatically in a few weeks - my last run before the injury was 6k! Totally p@##&d off with myself for not doing some kind of alternative exercise when injured. Has anyone got any suggestions? Should I go back to Laura or try some strength exercises or just give myself a kick up the proverbial and get back out there and run for my life??? 😧

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There is no way your aerobic capacity could have dropped to that extent (or much at all, actually) in three weeks.

Are you, maybe, running faster than you were before? Sometimes this can happen inadvertently.

Going back to run with Laura (week 5 maybe) might be a good idea to give your confidence a boost but just focusing on keeping it nice and slow would probably do the trick.


I felt like I was running slowly but maybe not. Thank you for the advice i will dig Laura out again on Sunday and see if she can get me back on track.


I agree with Dunder, three weeks out shouldn't really result in any significant changes. Could be gremlins or sometimes we feel a sudden dip in fitness if we are fighting off or about to go down with a lurgy! Doesn't mean the next run will be the same - just rest up for a couple of days, stretch out gently and go for another gentle one in a couple of days. Good luck.☺

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