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Weight loss

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Me again! As a lot of u know I started week 4 today and am getting right into it. Im hoping to lose a lot of weight (preferably around 3 stone). How long before I should start to notice weight loss? I am eating healthy as well as doing c25k so I’m not eating rubbish but I know with building muscle and holding on to water etc it may not show for a while?

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Well done, glad you are enjoying the plan.

This is not a weight loss programme and frankly you are unlikely to lose much weight by doing the C25k runs alone. You will tone up and maybe lose inches but to lose weight you need a calorie deficit and to burn significant calories by running alone you need to run for over an hour.

Don't be despondent about my reply, it is just fact, but there are loads of people on here who have lost large amounts of weight by combining running with sensible diets. As importantly they have become healthier and fitter and 95% of respondents to a recent poll said they had felt positive mental heath benefits from running.

This programme can change your life in oh so many ways, so stick with it and see what happens.

That is my plan! I know by running I will be burning more calories doing the cardio and combined with my diet it should help me achieve this 😊

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I'm trying to lose weight as well. I've lost about a stone in the last 8 weeks. But I am doing weight watchers as well as running and going swimming on non running days. I would think you should have had a weight loss by now, maybe you need to look at your diet again?

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dennymac82 in reply to Jenny1970

I probably have but not weighed myself as I’ve done slimming world before and started running and my weight loss stopped for a few weeks as my body adjusted! Gonna keep heading towards my 5k and the rest will take care of itself!

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Jenny1970Graduate in reply to dennymac82

Good plan, hope it goes well 😁

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I started C25K in August. I weighed myself today and noticed I have lost 1 stone and 2 lbs. The weight loss has been down to diet. In particular, I’ve ate less meat, stopped drinking milk and stopped drinking alcohol completely. I read somewhere that each pound you weigh, puts four pounds of pressure on your knees. This was my main incentive as I often suffer from shin splints or sore knees.

Good luck with your quest to lose weight. If all fails, watch a documentary movie on Netflix called What The Health. It will put you off most things and make you vegan.

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I am doing c25k combined with SW- I lost half a stone in the first 4 weeks. I am not expecting to lose weight without the dieting, but hope in the longer term that exercise will help me to keep off the podge I have lost! 😀

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dennymac82 in reply to Elfe5

And allow us that treat every now and again!!

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You're not building muscle just by doing couch to 5k sorry to say but you are laying the foundations for a fitter, stronger, leaner body, so stick with it. Once you graduate from the programme your running can really open up and you can extend your runs and that's when you really start burning calories. Walking is an easy way to burn calories as well 🙂

With running its the clothes that seem looser before you might notice that you look any thinner. I reckon I lost two stones before it showed 😊

Healthy eating is a way of life rather than a diet, as is exercise 🙂

Good luck. Never quit 🙂💪👍

I can deal with leaner! 😜 I don’t wanna stop with 5k I wanna get on to 10ks and beyond (hopefully). The rest should take care of itself. I’m enjoying the journey and I need to get fitter and can’t wait to see where this takes me! Races? Ooh maybe a half marathon! World is my oyster!!!! 😜

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It is! Running literally takes you places. Who knew!

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