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Blowing the gremlins away!

After my less-than-stellar run on Sunday, I wasn't entirely looking forward to tonight's outing. Home from work, got changed, charged my phone and torch for a few minutes, then headed out before I could change my mind.

I decided to go with Speed tonight, as a short, hard run felt right for the evening, so off we went. Walk all fine, first 5 mins ok, although Gremlin Cedric seemed to be well and truly back in action, buoyed up by his success last time round. Oh, he was determined I wouldn't be able to do this! Even the first few minutes which often feel slightly uncomfortable were a sign to him that this just couldn't happen.

On to the quick intervals - gosh they were tiring tonight. I wanted to walk after the first two but managed to keep going. Third one down, that's halfway through them. Fourth one, decision time - do I go back around the top bit of the village where it's basically very flat, or do I head down to the bottom and head back up, knowing that the last run interval will inevitably be heading up my Nemesis.

Stupidly stubborn person that I am, I decided to prove a point to myself and Cedric. And went down the high street, running into the wind and realising just how well I've done at avoiding all the bad weather until tonight! Fifth interval got me down to the far end. Slow jog back up, realising just how evil I'd got the route. Reach my Nemesis just as Laura says it's time for the last interval. *grit teeth* and off we go. I'm *going* to do this! Aaaaaaaand done! Phew!

So yeah, hard work but a good achievement. Sometimes being stubborn has its advantages...! ;)

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Those 6 minutes can last for ever, can't they? And the last one up a hill? That is very brave (sorry - stubborn!). Well done!

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Lol, even as I was deciding to do it I was somehow pretending to myself that it wasn't going to be that bad. It was. But I did it. (Not for nothing did one university tutor describe me a 'bloody-minded' all those years ago...!)

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Phew, sounds hard work well done for sticking with it and choosing a challenge instead of the easy option!


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