Heckled & thought of you

Did Wk8 R3 today & was heckled by two men about my slow speed as I ran past them. Had I not been a regular visitor to this forum, I think I'd have been mortified & cut my run short. The positivity I've found here really helped me to put the incident in perspective. I was unnerved but thought about how much I'd already achieved.

Thanks to everyone on here who's encouraged me & spread positive thoughts. 😃


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14 Replies

  • You were going faster than them! Good for you for ignoring them and not letting it bother you. You're doing brilliantly 🙂

  • Cheeky beggars. I think we should assemble a C25k posse and hunt them down. Slowly though. :)

  • Bet they couldn't run to save their lives. So m e people, eh? GlAd you rose above their patheticness.

  • Good for you ignoring them, I've had a bit of this too, sometimes I want to shout back 'come on then, see if you can catch me!' I bet they couldn't.

    I just put it down to jealousy, some people can't stand to see other people either enjoying themselves or trying to improve themselves in some way.

    Onwards and upwards :)

  • Not even worth thinking about..:) Well done you... !

    "Every flower must grow through dirt"

    Onward and upward ! :)

  • And so onto Graduation week...

    Well done Jojo don't be put off by those couch types... WE know how much effort goes into getting to where you are now ..bystanders should be cheering and applauding you..imagine that instead.

    Onwards and upwards.😊x

  • Being a laydeee I couldn't possible comment on how it's possible to run with one hand behind your back, middle finger exposed ....

    Graduation soon - well done you!

  • What idiots. Sad life when you get your kicks heckling passerbys. Glad you pushed their comments out of your mind like the trash that those words are.

  • Thanks everybody. Your responses have made me smile...and chuckle! 😄

  • Just smile and remember those losers will be screaming in agony when they get their massive loser heart attacks....While us lot merrily keep running ;)

  • Good for you - idiots!!!

  • I can pretty much guarantee that those men wouldn't have been runners. They wouldn't be able to do what you can do. Runners wouldn't heckle you as they know full well that everyone has to start somewhere. You are FAR superior to the gobshites. X

  • I was heckled and called back once, 'careful, your PhD's showing,' to be met by the articulate response of 'Eh?' I'm afraid the Tena lady had to take the strain 😂

  • Even as a runner I can rarely tell if other runners are going slow or fast, they're just running. Glad you didn't let them put you off, I bet they were slobs.

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