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W8R3 - a moody run in the Park


Was hoping for a lovely sunset run again today, but alas it was not to be. Sunny on and off for most of the day it was chilly as the sun started to disappear and I set out. Today has been one of those days. The sort of day you're glad to have behind you. So I set off in a bit of a mood - actually a lot of a mood - the gremlins didn't dare show up.

My legs struggled most of the way round - the traffic lights took aaaages before the green man appeared and I jogged circles round the lamp posts like an idiot so Laura wouldn't think I'd taken a rest. Took a slightly longer route than last week to accommodate the extra three minutes running.

Arrived back feeling tired but all the better for getting out. And realised when I plotted the run that for the same time I'd run a quarter of a mile further. No wonder the legs had complained.

And so on to W9. Who'd have thought it just a few weeks ago!

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You are nearly there now, well done for sticking with it !


Yeah those few extra minutes add on quite a bit of distance :-o


3 more runs till Graduation!! 👏👏

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