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Overtaking etiquette


There is a newbie on my horizon. He appears to be doing early intervals and hopefully has the wonderful Laura for company.

Thing is - he is starting to go that little bit further and our paths will soon cross.

I dont want to put him off as I shoot by with my blistering pace ;) - you know how competitive us blokes are but I am going to have to pass him.

No probs doing this in a race situation but this is different

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Just remember to save enough breath from your blistering pace to wave and say hi to the poor chap! You could always pass him a bit more slowly so you don't scare him (think passing horses) but only as long as you are not on for a PB :-)

You never know you could end up best buddies - but only as long as he doesn't turn out to have a turn of pace that is more blistering than yours.

Lots of these :-) it's the only one I can do!


Tell him he's doing great, you'll make his day!

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I always remember someone running towards me when I was struggling in the beginning. He was dressed like Rocky and had the ease in step like a fast boxer as he run. I remember looking up and feeling embarrassed about my beetroot state. He looked up gave me the biggest smile and a thumbs up. It made me day and I've never forgotten it.


^^^ I think RFC, Curly and Annie have come up with the best way to deal with your dilemma. Sometimes a bit of encouragement goes a long way :)


The fact that you have thought about this says it all. I would have no problem with someone like you passing me by as I pant along. :)


I think its fine with the smile and encouragement while running towards someone but I'd hate the fella to feel I was being condescending - I am passing after all. Might do my route in reverse so I can give him the runners nod for a while before I revert back to the norm.

Cheers folks and happy running


Don't worry... I usually say hello as I pass, to be honest though it's usually the other way round and I say hello as they zoom past me...!!!! . I really wouldn't worry about it 😎


Unless you *look* incredibly unfit, I very much doubt he'll mind.


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