I have a plan ... Opinions welcome

This is mainly me thinking out loud on here but thoughts and opinions are welcome ... So after the failed attempt of W4R1 I have been a bit to busy to fit a run in so I'm starting week 4 again tomorrow and continue with the 3 runs a week following the program but I'm also gonna do non serious runs a few times a week too to help build and maintain my stamina and to also get fitter as the three runs do help but I feel like the wait in between them isaling my stamina return to normal :-/ I don't know the extra runs I'll be doing won't be serious it'll be just when I get home from work and I'll probs go out and just run until I can't anymore


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9 Replies

  • I would suggest just following the programme and not put in the extra runs. The rest days are there to let the muscles recover before the next one. If you strain them more then you might be likely to do more damage.

    Might I suggest that you do week 4 but repeat it again the following week until you are happy or just redo week 3 until you feel confident.

    The stamina comes with time. The more often you do it then the body becomes used to it.

  • "Thou shalt respect thy rest days and keep them holy"! 😉 It would be much better to do Something like strength and flexibility or cycling if you want to exercise on 'rest' days from running. This would use different muscle groups and in a different way. Rest days are when your body repairs and strengthens muscles and at this stage running on consecutive days could leave you more prone to injuries. You will progress through the programme much more successfully if you stick with the tried and tested format! Good luck🙂

  • I agree with the others - the rest days are there for a purpose and you should take them every bit as seriously as the running days. Try to find an alternative form of exercise for the other days, walking, cycling, swimming, Pilates, yoga, strength and flex - lots to choose from and all help make you a better runner.

  • OK yeah I think I'll try the different forms of exercise instead of running all the time. I'm deffo gonna be repeating this week again until I'm comfortable with running for that amount of time. Thanks

  • Sorry...I agree..rest days are essential..Strength and fek exercise on rest days..fine..other stuff fine..walk..cycle I do yoga too..go for those and stay fit☺

  • Sorry...Flex...😩

  • Agree with others; you don't want to end up injured!!

    I walk on my rest days X

  • I agree with the experts above. And if the runs are too hard, Slow down. Slow your speed and if you get to a tricky week, do it 4 times or 5 times or even 25 times until you're ready to move on. It's not a race and we're all different. Good luck.

  • I'm just thinking - why not consider all the runs in the programme "non serious runs"? In my experience, the running is much more pleasant, if I don't think of it as something I have to do. Instead I try to have fun with it and really enjoy the time I have out here with myself.

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